Amendment to the Great Council Convening Resolution of 2022

Greetings to the Great Council.

Mr. Chair, I would like to bring the following amendments to the resolution up for consideration and debate. With the current state of our activity, or lack thereof, within the Great Council, I would like to see it end sooner, rather than later, and with minimal disruption to our current government activities. Additional debate on proposals brought up within may be better served in the Assembly using traditional means.

What was your reasoning in dropping the reference to Article XIV, Section 5 of the Charter?

The initial adoption of amendments is already covered by the 60% threshold for changes to constitutional law.

And the convening resolution was pointing to a law in the Charter which points to exactly those laws, which is there to make the intent perfectly clear. I honestly don’t think it’s the most necessary thing, but I don’t see any reason to remove it.

Why was this line removed? I don’t see any good reason to remove it - it would seem to me that once the motion to end the Great Council has been tabled, you wouldn’t want anyone to make another proposal during the vote and suddenly have people voting against just so they can add one extra thing.

I think this is a fairly important stipulation - that the Chair must make an omnibus and that the final vote is on the omnibus, not on a resolution, because otherwise the Chair can essentially interpret the adopted proposals however they wish when putting them together. I understand this is not so much of a problem so far considering the amount of adopted proposals there have been this council, and probably not nearly enough to have two voting periods (one for the motion and one for the final omnibus), but it’s still necessary enough that I would instead have it so that the final motion must also be an omnibus proposal. Essentially, the process would look like this:

  • If conflicting proposals have been adopted, then there must be a reconciliation period before the Great Council can end
  • Once this has happened, or if this isn’t found to be necessary, a final omnibus can be put together and then proposed to the Great Council (a proposal which also acts as a motion to end the Great Council and also stops further proposals from the moment it is recognised)
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This is one of the primary purposes of this amendment: Consolidate the two voting periods into a single one so that we can end this Great Council, and this quasi-parallel legislature, much faster than the original resolution provides for. My intention is to call for said end to the Great Council should this amendment pass.

I agree with that, but I’m saying that you should also add that the final vote is on the final omnibus, not just a motion to end the Great Council.

I’ve edited the original post to include the phrase “in a final omnibus bill compiled by the Chair”.

One last poke before I motion this to a vote.

How would it work to have a motion to adopt all amendments, if we haven’t done reconciliation yet?

Amendments in this case refers to amendments to the Charter or other laws. We’ve never passed a full rewrite of the Charter, just relatively small amendments to the existing one under the purview of the Great Council.

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I do think we need to get rid of the special elections requirement, considering we haven’t made any changes to elected roles that will still exist.

Mr. Chair, I move that the following amendment be brought to vote.

Has this particular amendment been discussed for at least five days?

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It is taken directly from text in the opening post, which has been available for a week and sustained no changes to that clause.

The proposal is recognised and will be brought to a vote 2022-11-02T14:00:00Z.