Alcris Embassy

Ambassador of Alcris to TSP: Sammy
Foreign Councilor of Alcris: Awell

On behalf of Alcris, we are excited to kickstart relations with TSP and all of its wonderful citizens. We hope that relations develop into strong pillars of intercommunity engagement, fun, and games while providing one another with strong political support.


Heyhey! I’m Sammy, the Ambassador to TSP - nice meeting y’all!

Without further ado, the November Newsletter follows (almost 2 weeks late, because I am a bit of a fool and failed to realize I had forgotten to post it to member regions):

November Update + Elections

Another month of events has gone by in Alcris. As you can see, I’ve been appointed the new Foreign Affairs Councilor after elections concluded today so it will be a pleasure to interact with all of you.

To start, another event has taken place, this time a flag event that reflects on the current autumn season. Not the biggest turnout but I guess we can’t all call ourselves vexillologists can we?

On the foreign affair side of things, we’ve managed to secure an embassy with Spiritus, Wintreath and Karma, and currently have a consulate with UDS and TSP, hoping to establish an embassy with them in the near future.

And of course, while this was technically in the beginning of December, General Elections have taken place, with a new council of new and old faces, myself part of the former. That’s all for now, you’ll be hearing from me again at the beginning of next month.

Ventus Prime
Foreign Affairs Councilor

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Welcome ambassador @sammymanfryingpan. Thanks for sharing the report!

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January Update

Happy New Year everyone! December flew by fast. While not a super eventful month, one big thing that did happen was establishing embassies with Forest, which I believe is a big deal for Alcris and one of my main goals as Foreign Affairs Councilor. Currently, a region known as Quarantine Zone has reached out to us and we’re still in the midst of discussion. Other than that, Alcris will be voting on more reforms this month and that’s about it. Hope you all can keep to your resolutions this year!
Ventus Prime
Foreign Affairs Councilor

February Update

Another month, another update. January was a relatively quiet month, though there are some important tidbits. For starters, Alcris has now officially joined JEFF for the upcoming N-Day event. Also, we now have our own official Alcris University, which encourages citizens to learn or teach certain subjects, from pixel art, to Minecraft, to different cultures around the world. The beginning of February saw the passage of two referendums for our constitution. As we start to approach March, election season will soon be upon us again so the March update could certainly be interesting.

Appreciate the update, boss.

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March Update: New Council, Same FA Councilor

As we head into March and Spring, a new council term has just begun! Going into March, the FA Department has seen success with the N-Day Faction JEFF, along with picking up three new embassies in a matter of days which should be completed soon. The FA and Community Councilors are respectively hoping to bring more activity inside and outside the region as some of their goals this spring. Here’s hoping to the new Council’s success. :clinking_glasses:

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Congrats on your election, and good luck to the new Council!

Upgraded to Embassy.

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April Update

Happy April and happy spring to you all! Hope you all had a good Easter, cause Alcris has hatched up some new legislation, mostly focusing on the judicial side of things. It’s been rather quiet on the foreign affairs side of things but we are always looking for new regions to interact with. That pretty much sums it up for this month, we’ll be back next month when election season starts up again.