Akropii - Sigrblioonia First Contact

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A small vessel hurtled through space. It had three wings, and one engine that seemed to output far more energy than needed to properly propel the craft.

“Wooo! Man! This custom engine is so f*cking fast! Can’t believe you managed to build it on your own!”

“How far are we from explored space-”

“Oh come on! Just enjoy it for once! Isn’t it so cool to go at this speed?”

“I don’t want to get shot down by old-age war machines”

“Don’t be silly, we’ll just outrun them! Plus, think they’re out this far anyways. We’ve got as much space as we want to test this baby out! No speed limits!”

“We only have a basic collision deflection shield, if we end up in an asteroid field at that speed we’ll die!”

“Nonsense! Let’s see how fast she accelerates!”

They both paused as a beeping came from the scanner. A vessel not sending out an akropii registry signal seemed to have entered their range.

“Who are these b*stards” Commander Sgroblo says.

They had been on a mission to discover the areas of space that haven’t been previously explored aiming to find the things lurking inside them.

Slowly the Commander turned the wheel that steered his ship slightly to the right in order to prevent a collision before sending a signal to the ship that consisted of their Governments Procedural Message to New People.

“Sigrib (Hello in Sigrblioonian) , we are a peaceful force that is on a Government based mission. What brings you to these areas that are clearly not safe for a minor cruiser like you?

“We’ve got a message!”

“Shut up and just play it already!”

The message played over the ship’s small speakers. The two listened close to the message. The message came out of the speakers as garbled static.

“Sh*t. I heard about this from the Galactyan contact. Our software is too optimized to understand theirs. Even if we had that universal translator program, we couldn’t even understand what they’re saying.”

“I knew I should have put in a bigger datalink than the SOS one! Do you think it’s worth it to activate it?”

“Maybe? But then we’d get like an old military vessel or something. Something that might spark a fight but die.”

“True. Let’s try and send a message, see if they can understand us.”

The small civilian vessel sent out a message.

“This is the Meteor123. I know, kinda stupid. I couldn’t think of anything when I was registering it. But anyways we’re from the Akropii Republic. And uh, please don’t shoot us. Um yeah. Over?”

“Pfft, amateurs” The Commander said to his deputy

“What they think they are doing just carelessly flying at that speed around here! I don’t even see a government tag”

The Commander listened to their message and thought for a bit. He knew that they shouldn’t be there and according to Inter-Galactic Law you aren’t meant to fly in these areas un-supervised. So he responded in an Akroppian Language:

“Where do you come from and Why are you here?”

He moved the blasters slightly towards the ship.

“We got another message. I’m gonna play it.” They pushed a few keys on the console and the familiar static played. “Yup. Still not compatible with our software.”

“They could be speaking our language, but if the signals aren’t received properly we’ll never know.”

“I think they’re moving their guns towards us.” The two of them looked out the windows the the ship. “I think we should activate that SOS datalink.”

“Yeah. I don’t want to get blown to pieces.” With the push of the SOS beacon, the interior of the cockpit was lit with red lights.

“What should we select as the emergency? Pirates? That’s like the best option I see here. . . Oh wait! There’s a custom input option. I think ‘Hostile first contact’ should summarize this.”

“Sir, We’ve received an emergency SOS signal from a small craft near the edge of explored space.”

“Shouldn’t this be dealt with as normal?”

“Sir, the reason for emergency is a hostile first contact.”

“Send task force four.”

“It will arrive in 2 hours and 17 minutes.”

“Okay so the person says we’ll get a rescue fleet in a couple hours.”

“I knew we shouldn’t have gone this far out! We’re gonna get blown to bits by that ship far before they arrive!”

“Maybe we can try reasoning with them? Hopefully they understand us. . . ”

The small ship sent out another message.

“We don’t understand you. Please don’t shoot us. We’re harmless.”

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The Commander Received the message and follows with,
“Ah, they seem worried draw back the blasters and release the Inter-Galactic Peace flag”

The Deputy listened and did as he was informed. Just as he raised the flag a Grand Ship was seen in the distance cruising at a fast pace with Blasters ready.

“WHAT! What are they doing!”

The Commander readys his blasters and Hopes that it is for someone else.

An Akropii cruiser dropped into existence behind the civilian vessel.

“Sir, we have dropped out of pseudospace and we are ahead of the predicted time, due to some helpful spacial currents.”

“The alien vessel has weapons lock on us!”

“Can I get a shields check! Weapons check too! Prepare a docking beam to pull the civilian craft into the fighter bays.”

“Sir we have engaged remote piloting for the civilian craft. We’re downloading some of the signals that this foreign ship sent! I’ll run them through some decryption software.”

“We have weapons lock on the alien vessel, sir.”

“The messages have been decrypted. The vessel has been asking who we are, and claims too be peaceful.”

“Their weapons lock says otherwise. Send out a message.”

The Akropii cruiser sent out a message.

“This is a military vessel of the Akropii Republic. Stand down or be fired upon.”

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The Commander being a Sigriblioonian aggressively shouted;


Suddenley a shower of lasers bombarded the opposing ship.

“Commander should we connect for the Soldier attack?”

“Indeed we should, move closer”

They started to move closer and deployed their strong Sigribliionian Shields ready for a war.

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“We have an incoming laser bombardment, sir! Shields will hold!”
“Laser batteries release fire! All others hold fire! Release the fighter complement!”

The sigriblioonian lasers shot towards the cruiser, and were dissipated by the akropii shield system into auroras of spectacular rainbow light that flowed around the ship.
From the cruiser, beams of white light slammed into the sigriblioonian shields. About 50 small fighters launched out of the cruiser and darted closer towards the enemy, firing their lasers at the ship.

“We need more firepower on their shields! Plasma batteries open fire! Defense lasers, fire upon the enemy when not engaged with anything else! And somebody call for backup ships! We could use a carrier strike!”

“AHH” the commander shouted,

“Sir! The shields are holding well but there plasma guns are damaging our shield greatly!!”

“Well, let’s pull out the secret weapon”

Slowly a Grand Missile of AntiMatter and Lasers Revealed itself above the ship.

“Fire” the commander said with a grin.

And just like that the great Missile bolted towards the inferior ship.

As the antimatter missile approached, the laser defense grid locked onto it. The laser defense turrets drew their fire from the sigriblioonian vessel and fired upon the missile. Lasers burned through the outside of the missile. The missile exploded and a shockwave of antimatter blew outwards from the missile.

“We’ve received moderate damage from the missile when it exploded. It was intercepted at standard range which we should have been safe at, but it possibly damaged the enemy vessel too. That weapon is powerful.”

“Sir, the carrier strike will hit in 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!”

A few hundred small fighters blinked into existence, falling out of pseudospace where the carrier dropped them. The fighters swarmed the sigriblioonian vessel, firing into its shields.

“Hopefully they try to surrender. I’d hate to fight a battleship carrying a full payload of those missiles.”

The Commander said to his Batallion of Cyborg Troops.

The Cyborgs charged straight at the Akroppian forces killing and being killed at a rapid rate. After a long standoff between the two a Sigribloonian came out with arms raised and the Akroppians followed suite. But just like that it wa sa trap and the cyborgs gunned down the fighters but the fight still raged on