Akropii Administrative AI Mem-Storage

Data stored in the billions of servers that make up the Grand Administrative AI, ruler of the Akropii Grand Republic.

Species of the Republic
The three most important species in the Akropii Grand Republic are Akropii, a colorful octopus like creature; Bio-forms, bioengineered human biorobots piloted by Akropii and AIs; and AIs. Akropii make up only 34.2% of the non-AI population, with Bio-forms making up the rest.
No human bio-forms are actually conscious, with bodies being grown to serve as drones and covers. Drones are bio-forms who are being controlled by an AI, usually for hard, specialized manual labor, or for labor no one wants. Covers are bio-forms used by Akropii. The bio-forms of the Akropii Grand Republic are genetically modified to be stronger, more hardy, and to be able to avoid the life warping effects of the FTL travel used by the Akropii Grand Republic. No bio-form in the AKR is actually capable of forming its own consciousness. Computer chips implanted in their brains and spinal cords allow Akropii and AIs to use them.
Akropii, while looking nothing like humans, were actually once descended from humans. When the first FTL colony ship from The Age of Utopia was sent out into space, it’s irregularity shielding failed, and all life forms on board were twisted beyond imagination. This resulted in the untimely death of a few colonists, but most survived, transformed into the precursors to the modern day Akropii. Evolution and genetic modification led the precursor Akropii to turn into the longer-lived modern Akropii. Akropii look like an octopus, except with their four tentacles arranged in a tetrahedral manner. Akropii breathe through their skin, and eat food by wrapping three tentacles around it and dissolving it with acid and then sucking it in through their skin. As a by-product of their eating process, they have the ability to spray acid.
AIs are the basis of the entire AGR, ruling, working, and maintaining the nation. The most notable AI is the Grand Administrative AI, who rules and manages the nation. The Administrative AI forms the capital, being housed in the servers powered by the double-dyson-sphere capital. There are so many servers powering the AI that only 6% of the two stars total power is available to the public. A famous type of AI is the Defensive AI, which each control a Starcarrier or battlefort class ship, the two biggest classes.

FTL Travel


The Akropii method of FTL travel, it uses the speed of a vessel to throw it into pseudospace, a sort of false-space that allows for FTL travel at a speed of 1 ly per 23.2 hours. A special pseudospace drive is needed to maintain the speeds needed in pseudospace. Going slower than the minimum speed will cause a ship to drop out of pseudospace. Without proper pseudospace shields, delicate life forms like plants and animals will be twisted and warped.

Deep Pseudospace

When a vessel in pseudospace uses a gravity well to fling itself deeper into pseudospace, it enters deep pseudospace, a sort of false-space dimension. To be able to fling itself in this way, a vessel needs an especially powerful pseudospace drive and a gravity well. Only military, and transport vessels have this drive. While in deep pseudospace, you can’t fall out of it, going to slow causes you to burn up into nothing. A second gravity well is needed to exit deep pseudospace. While in deep pseudospace a ship can reach speeds of 1 ly per minute.

Quantum Particle Traversers

These microscopic cubes come in pairs. Whenever electricity or light goes into a cube, it comes out the other, regardless of distance. This functions as a gateway, except only for light and electricity. These cubes need specialized and dangerous particle colliders in order to be produced, but aren’t hard to produce one the construction facility is completed. These cubes can be found throughout most Akropii technology for instantaneous communication. The cubes are unable to carry enough electricity to replace wires, and can’t transport enough light to weaponize them. These cubes are a sort of rudimentary gate, although technically quite advanced considering how small akropii were able to shrink them.