Age Guidelines Question

are people 13+ only allowed in TSP? becuae there is one part in the rules that says “tsp has minors as young as 13”, so im just wondering.

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NS forums are 13 plus, TSP such as the rmb is lower, I’ve seen 9 year olds playing. Off site such as the forum and discord are 13+ I do believe.

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NationStates Terms and Conditions of Use note that " that the NationStates forums sometimes contain discussions of a mature nature and are not suitable for visitors under 13 years of age." and requires that “By entering the NationStates forum you assert that you are at least 13 years of age.”

The One Stop Rules Shop also established a PG-13 standard for the forums and the game itself.

NationStates doesn’t have an explicit minimum age range, but generally speaking it can be assumed that those below the age of thirteen should not be playing it.

TSP has chosen to establish a minimum age of thirteen years old to use our offsite property in the Terms of Service to align with the age guideline of the game.

TLDR: If you are bellow the age of thirteen you can play NS and be in TSP the region, but you can’t use our forums and Discord server.

May be mature subjects, but I’ve noticed a distinct lack of maturity in some posters.

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