Adventures of Marco Baldovino II - A New Empire

The waves crash upon the hull of the Nobilis, a long-range merchant trading ship and a one-of-a-kind. Aboard the Nobilis was the nobleman/explorer extraordinaire, Marco Baldovino di Casa San Meuccio, and he is here to lead a group of explorer-merchants.

Due to its ability to cross long distances in the open ocean, the Nobilis was not only used as a merchant trading vessel, but also as an exploration vessel, where it’s long-distance capabilities can be useful to discover new, oftentimes far away, trade routes.

While trade with some nations of the Northern Continent has, for the most parts, bore fruit, the volume of trade leaves something to be desired. With ever growing demand for “exotic” products, Baldovino and his entourage seeks to open new trade routes and discover new partners to work and trade with. And so, his ship sailed North with high expectations.