A2311.01 [2342.AB] Amendment to the Elections Act

A2311.AB | Amendment to the Elections Act

@Legislators of the South Pacific,

There has been a seconded motion to adopt the proposed amendment to the Elections Act, to modify the dates in which elections take place for the Offices of the Delegate, Prime Minister & the Chair of the Assembly. The debate thread can be found here.

This is an amendment to constitutional legislation, according to the Legislative Procedure Act requiring a majority greater than 60% to pass. The voting period will be 5 days, thus concluding on Saturday November 11th.


Please vote by poll if possible. If you cannot vote by poll, post ‘Aye’, ‘Nay’ or ‘Abstain’ in this thread. Please do not vote both by poll and by post. Comments and discussions belong in the debate thread and should be posted there.

The text of this amendment is as follows:

Should this proposed amendment be adopted?
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  • Nay
  • Abstain
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I motion to cancel voting.

The proposed election date for Prime Minister does not provide for standard lengths in office. The term beginning in March would only be two months, while the term beginning in November would be four months.

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Second the motion to cancel voting.

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Chair of the Assembly

The motion to cancel voting is recognised by the Chair, however, voting shall not be cancelled until 24 hours after the first motion was made and seconded, this is to ensure that other legislators are given the chance to object to this motion if they wish. I as Chair also recognise this error in the term lengths for the Office of the Prime Minister, and deem this a sufficient reason to permit this potential cancellation.

My actions on this matter are conforming with
sub-section 7, of section 1 of the Legislative Procedure Act

Chair of the Assembly

As no objections have been raised by any other legislators, within the 24hr period permitted for this. Voting is hereby cancelled on A2311.01 [2342.AB] Amendment to the Elections Act.

As such the proposed amendment is not adopted.