A1-0 Low Hanging Fruit

This is only half-related to all of that, but could we agree that by around 3 or 4 ABT, most of us know of the existence of almost everyone else, no matter if we have made a first contact or not? Since the sector is a lot more interconnected now, a nation that discovers one other could discover all of the others just through the one nation they found.


that could be put as early as 0 ABT thanks to Meridian

But yeah, by 4 ABT basically everyone would already know everyone else


After the Babylon Treaties we’d go from First Contact RPs to Awkward Hello RPs


i run fcs now for impressions (how do i view nation x)

it’s better to show it play out, rather than to tell people (my nation likes your canonically)


Don’t mind this, just testing making tapping a image open a link


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You failed, an ad opened before I was rickrolled


does your nation use point defense missiles to combat missile threats?


Sabaton, the band, would do absolute numbers in Rehy.

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We have lil drones we send out.

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how do you intercept a missile with a drone

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Shmack it into it. Shoot at it.

Gonna be honest my weapons as wip. But yer pretty much that.

We also have regular anti air stuff.

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Calerost does, and also phased array lasers

Same for Calerost (mostly cuz i love them)


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Do planets terraformed from non-habitable to habitable still count towards the habitable planet limit?

Nope. The habitable planet limit is only referred to naturally habitable planets.

I would suggest a terraformed planet cap but that would probably be a slippery slope (then we would have to do stations, rings, etc.). What would probably be more sensible would be a population cap that wouldn’t allow people to balloon their population up to insane levels (>25 trillion?) by terraforming planets. It just seems that people who terraform large swaths of planets would have a massive advantage in everything over those who don’t (by virtue of having a larger population) and it would be nice to avoid a gigantic power gap between those who have fine-tuned their terraforming technology and use it on the regular and those who rarely, if ever, terraform planets.

I mean, you could always make it so your population isn’t primarily based on planets. Orbital habitats would still be just as practical.

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Besides, we already agreed with Qwert that there shouldn’t be a population cap

If we do want one though, Maverick had suggested 5 quadrillion