A touch of destiny: Calerost Colonus pact first contact [57BBT]

The Speaker of Cuivië was one of many calerostan temple ships traveling trough mirial space. Like all the others it was run by the high priesthood and had just one goal: try to establish contact with mirial entities in hopes of getting knowledge about the gods or some other religious revelations. Because of that goal they ware wondering aimlessly, without barriers nor a mirial compass. This was dangerous though, and temple ships had critical faliures relatively often because of that. So did this one.

The speaker of Cuivië had experienced a attack by hostile mirial entities. No one knows what angered them, but it didn’t matter. The shield and main engine ware damaged beyond repair, they had no other choice but to break into realspace, gods know how many light years from home.

But there was someone waiting for them on the other side


 The ship had been waiting there for about a week, and still there was no sign of the shuttle. The Priests would remain there as long as they could, and when they couldn’t, someone else would take their place. This was as it should be.
 In fact, it was a great honor to be sent on one of these quests. Xavalon the Seer was famous for her accuracy, outmatched only by Kvath himself. They had full confidence that the ship was coming. The only matter at hand was when. Time always seemed to pose a problem for the Jellies. It was a wonderful reminder of their mortality, a great barrier that would forever weave them into the fabric of the universe.
 And, as though the Gods had heard their very thoughts, Sister Delah raised her arm in signal. Something was entering realspace. The excitement in the room was almost tangible. And still it remained dead silent.


The ship activated the emergency function on it’s mirial drive and rapidly broke back into realspace. This for sure did damage to the ship as church ships weren’t constructed for things like that.

Abbot-captain Arahaelion spoke:

“That was close, and very rough. Status report?”

“Well we’re alive, so there’s that. Long range communications seem damaged, as well as ftl but it isn’t unrepairable, we can probably repair it ourselves. We’re relatively not far from Ferristia, not a bad spot to be.”

“Your holyness there seems to be a ship in close orbit to us”

“Any known design?”

“Negative, it is not a allied ship nor does it belong to any nation in our index”

“Fascinating. Open a chanel. Unidentified ship, this is the churchship Speaker of Cuivië. We are a civilian vessel owned by the high priesthood of Ilanor. We had a emergency and had to break into realspace. We mean no harm and ask for assistance”


 The Priests looked to each other. A church ship? They thought. We have been very blessed indeed! Living inside the Colonus Pact had been rather… well, religiously depriving. It seemed as though the species there fitted themselves into an archetype, with few deviating from it. The only notable religions came from the territories, just like the Priests and Scytherians… although that was a different story.
 Friar Johoh, one of the illustrious Voices of the Gods, connected the intercom to his mask. He was a sort of diplomat in this situation, and held the entire crew in awe. There were many positions available to a Priest, but the privilege of being a representative for mortal divinity was simply incredible.
 “Calm waters to you, travelers. I am Johoh, speaking on behalf of the humble Priests of the Colonus Pact. Are you in need of mechanical or medical assistance, or perhaps both?”


“There luckily aren’t any harmed by the incident but our FTL and long range comms are down. We would ask for mechanical assistance and a emissary if available to initiate proper first contact by the Gil-atarnië’s protocols.”


 “There seems to be a bit of confusion. That’s why we’re here. Ah, but your repairs come first. Come, let us get you your mechanical assistance first. Explanations can come soon after”


 Under a mask of calm and helpful respect, Johoh was almost giddy with excitement. Of course it was a great honor to meet with a new species, especially one that the Colonus Pact hadn’t yet, but it was a far greater privilege to serve the infinite wisdom of the Gods.
 He’d known several Friars who’d not gotten the chance to do such. To him, it was like being able to feel the breath of the divine upon his face. Of course his fellow Priests would be thinking the same things. Thus, it was vital for their Voice of God to act as the pilar by which they could reorient themselves.


The calerostans welcomed the repair crew warmly and quickly guided them to help fix the ship.

During the repairs the abbot-captain spoke again

“this is the Speaker of Cuivië again. Repairs are going smoothly. We again request a proper first contact procedure. If you’re not comfortable with comming onto our ship we offer to come on yours. I want to talk person to person, priest to priest.”


 “We are more than willing to greet you on your ship, if that’s what you wish. I have full authority to speak on behalf of High Divinity, but… ah, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Let’s wait until we meet before getting into the finer details of where you’ve found yourself.”


Due to the retconning of Colonus, this rp is now non-canon

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