A Sultan, his court, his faith, and his people

Sitting in the front row of the Mosque of the Royal Palace was a man wearing white. Many would probably not realize that the modestly dressed man was the Sultan of Fatiniyya himself, Sultan Hussein IV.

Finishing his final prayers, he decided to await the Fajr Adhan. He looked at his watch, 04:21 AM. As he waited the Muezzin of the mosque entered. After kissing the hand of the Sultan, the Muezzin began reciting a series of Salawat, venerating the Prophet. The Sultan decided to rest his eyes as he awaits the Adhan.

Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar~~

The Muezzin’s voice awoke the Sultan, the Fajr Adhan had been issued. Slowly more people, mostly relatives of the Sultan himself, entered the mosque. As they await Iqamah, the Sultan decided to do one of the Sunnah prayer preceding Fajr. As he finished, the Muezzin recites the Iqamat.

The Sultan stepped to the front. He was the Imam for today’s Fajr. As he began the prayer, he could feel drops of tears streaming down his face. He felt the weight of being, not only an Imam for his family, but also for his nation. He felt afraid that his faith is shaken by his responsibility, and that he has placed God second to his duties. He prayed and asked for forgiveness, prostating as he begged for the Almighty to forgive all his sins.

As the morning sun rose, the Sultan went to his garden. It was neatly maintained and cared for by a handful of gardeners. The Sultan’s youngest son, Zayn, walked up to him in the garden, besides him is the young daughter of one of the gardeners, Laila.

“Abā, can me and Laila play near the garden fountain?” asked Zayn to the Sultan. In his and Laila’s hands were two paper boats, both decorated by drawings of little stick people.

“Of course, my son” the Sultan answered. The two immediately ran for the fountain. Their little endeavors reminded the Sultan of his own time with his wife, Latifa. He spent another half an hour in the garden before one of his servants came to him.

“My Sultan. Breakfast is ready” the servant said to him.

“Thank you, I will come in shortly.”

The Sultan glanced at the fountain before entering the palace. He could see Zayn and Laila playing. He smiled before calling to his 7-year old son, inviting him to breakfast. Zayn said goodbye to Laila before rushing towards his father, holding his father’s hand before entering the palace.