A Stranger in a Strange Land

29/04/15 002

Dear diary… Is this how you wtite stuff like this? Well… I’m just gonna write it like this. (Why am I even talking to myself while writing?)
Today was the big day! I had my parents and friends over to say last goodbyes, got my stuff all good and packed up, and got ready for the brginning… of my new life. I got to the spaceport on time, nothing really went wrong. The galactyan at checkout was really nice. The technology is really similar to ours, so that relieved a lot of stress. The trip has taken about 2 days so far, and we’re suppoland soon. So far, it’s been really comfortable. I got my own cabin, I like it a lot. The esthetic of the whole ship is really beautiful. Alien in a sense, but what was I expecting. There are other species on the ship than just us, too. There’s obviously Galactyans, but I think I heard a few say they’re of a different origin. It’s so cool to finally see them in person! I’d only heard about them prior, or seen them on tv. I hope to learn more about the different peoples’ cultures too, so exciting! I’m already getting so much inspiration for stuff to write too… And not to mention the window view, it’s amazing! I haven’t seen anything like it before!
Well, I gotta finish now, I got carried away a little. I haven’t had a lot of Ideas for… anything as of late, but this is already getting my head working! I could even start writing a novel tomorrow! Gotta start off with a bang in the new place I guess! Oh right, the end. So… I have no idea how to end… I guess… Bye diary? I’ll get better at this… maybe


30/04/15 002

Dear diary
Galactya is… amazing! Even the spaceport was spectacular! Maybe it’s because its size was made with larger people in mind, but still. And the actual city, jeez! These people really like their scenery grandiose I guess. The diversity was even more insane then on the ship! Like, every person looks like they’re from a different homeworld or something! I know it’s genetic modification, but it’s still just outlandish! This place is really weird… but in a good way.
I walked around a bit, explored the scenery. Eventually, i came over to my new place, and oh boy, I did not expect this level of similarity. Like, I’ve seen it on photos and it looked really close to what we have on some more artificial worlds, but seeing it live makes it ever so more familiar.
The apartment is nice and cozy, a little taller than what I’m used to. The furniture is really nice, very different style than back home, but again, what else to expect.
All and all, this place is fantastic! Much more active than even the busiest places on Silvalia, but that’s just something to get used to.
Looking forward to exploring some more, maybe even meeting neighbors if I’m feeling real adventurous.


31/04/15 002

Dear diary
I’ve spent today walking around the area, seeing the sights. Here, even in a city the sights are amazing, really. Most of the people living near me are also Colestians, which… I did sign up for a Colestian majority neighbourhood after all. It’s kind of comforting seeing others around me that are familiar, but still being in a new place. I’ve tried starting a new novel, but I just can’t get the beginning right. I think the stimuli here are just too much, I’ll try again in a week or so. Not that I don’t have ideas, this place is really inspiring, I just need time to process them. Threr’s still much I don’t know about this place and still haven’t seen here, but there is much time to learn. Oh, this is all so exciting!
Oh, and the local shop sells some very nice tea too, so I guess that’s neat.