A Radioactive Anomaly - Rosecordi-Emeraldian First Contact - [0 BBT]


This RP is focused on an abandoned Serniani Spice Hauler, that is emitting a large amount of radiation into the surrounding space. A few ships have been sent to investigate the anomaly. The anomaly turns out to be something far stranger than anybody imagined.

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UES Victorious CS-1987
Archer System, Southern Territory
Capt. Joshua Parker

A few days ago, the patrol vessel Good Omen detected a strange vessel emitting a large amount of radiation, following standard procedure, 3 ships were sent out to investigate, The Victorious, the Hawk, and the Shark. After about an hour of traveling from the Alliance System to the very unexplored Archer System, the Small Squadron arrived in system and began a general search for the vessel. Captain Parker, a Denverian, sat in his Command Chair, wondering how long this was going to take.

(JP)“Radar, Status Report”

(RD)“Nothing yet sir, we can detect trace amounts of the Radiation, but we have yet to find the vessel.”

(JP)“Keep me updated”


The radiation exposure increased exponentially as the search continued. Whatever the ship was, someone or something had clearly caused a radiation leak, which is understandable, but it didn’t explain why there wasn’t a distress signal. As the group of ships neared the source of radiation, a flash of light enveloped the ship. As it ceased, a few life signatures could be detected inside the ship.

TFSS Hauler No. 222

”Powers out, reactors leaking… Computer cores leaking into realspace.”

”On the reactor, Laurence you slow the realspace leak while we figure out where the hell we are.”

”On it.”

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UES Victorious CS-1987
Archer System, Southern Territory
Capt. Joshua Parker

(JP)“What in blazes was that?”

(RD)“Unknown Sir, appears as if that ships engines just ignited. I can detect a few remaining souls aboard.”

(TA)“Should we arm Weapons?”

(JP)“That won’t be needed Tactical. Prepare boarding parties with EV Suits to see if we can rescue those Lifesigns. Use Dropships, that radiation appears to be blocking Teleportation to that ship.”

(EVRY)“Aye Aye Sir”


“Controls are out, we may be in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well, it’s a spice hauler. Of course we are in the middle of nowhere.”

“Working on slowing the Data leak, Ship scan… There are three or four unidentified ships nearby.”

“Well, clearly we aren’t in the middle of nowhere, because there are ships nearby.”

“Thanks for stating the obvious, Sadie.”

“Your welcome.”


An automated voice chimes, cutting him off

–Warning, intrusion in Airlock 2–

“That can’t be any good.”

“Again with the obvious, Sadie!”

“How long since you’ve used a realspace weapon?”

“I just picked one up.”

“Okay, so a while.”

“Just be ready for whatever is coming for us.”


Mysterious Vessel
Archer System, Southern Territory
Major. Jackson Kellov

The Ship was rather strange, and radiation was practically pouring into space. The Major, a Ludvillian, has been selected to lead the boarding party to act as rescuers, the Marine Squad was still armed, just in case. They had EV Suits on to keep their own health at optimum, and that the air mixture wasn’t quite suited for Pacificans. He spoke into a loud speaker mounted to his suit.

(MK)“This is Major Kellov Of Emerald, you need to evacuate your vessel immeadiately! Any Threats will be deemed as self-defence”

He had made sure to turn on his translator to make sure the Lifesigns understood him, wherever they were in the vessel.


Laurence clicked on his own translator and attempted to talk to whomever was speaking

“I am Voidwalker Laurence, operating on a data leak in realspace, I advise you leave this ship before any more amount of radiation exposure…”

Laurence clicks off translator for a second


“Who are you talking to, Laurence?”

“Whoever’s listening. Just finish up with the-”

“Yeah yeah. It’s finished. Starting Reactor Purge. Tell whoever to hold on!”

Laurence flicks back on the translator

“All life forms on board recommended to hunker down for a second before we purge the reactor. Twenty seconds, only warning.”

An automated voices chimes in
—Reactor One Purging process initiated—

—Error, Airlock Two breach detected—

—Override code produced, proceeding with Reactor One purge, sealing areas around Airlock Two. Hermetically sealing—

—Sealing Success. Activating emergency power storage, discharging capacitors—

—Reactor One Power cut. Operating on discharged Capacitors—

—Warning, unknown power source detected—

—Override produced, Reactor One shielding offline—

—Reactor One Purging—

—Purge Success. Rerouting power for startup—

—Startup key not produced. Reactor One offline—

Laurence gave himself a breath before chiming over his and Sadie’s personal commlinks

“Sadie, status?”

“Alive. Barely. I’m going to check on the leak and- Yup, it’s still there.”

“So wait, the leak is producing power? That’s a new one. You wanna throw a datastar in and tell our colleagues on the other side?”

“Two steps ahead of you. Waiting on a response… Wait, alright Cayden said he and Laz are coming.”

The radiation would begin to spike again, before lowering after another bright flash came and went, and a few more life forms could be detected on board

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The Vessel shook violently as the reactors were purged. The small Marine Squad were nearly knocked over. The Major once again spoke into the loud speaker.

(MK)“Voidwalker Laurence and that other crew member, you must leave immediately or be detained for violating Emeraldian Space”

The Ships outside locked onto the vessel with grapplers to hold the vessel in place, and to prevent it from moving.

(MK)“All Marines, prepare to engage new lifeforms”


“Laz! Cay! Come check out the reactor.”

“What’s going on?”

“Reactor was purged and is on standby but is… No, that’s impossible, this place shouldn’t be powered. Laz, is this even within-”

“No it ain’t, Cay. We are literally seeing the impossible.”

Laurence clicks on the translator

“Can’t leave a floating anomaly around, sorry guys. So unless you like to have an unhealthy dose of radiation, get off the vessel immediately. I cannot guarantee anybody’s safety if they enter the reactor chamber. This is your only warning.”

Laurence clicks off the translator

“Son of glitch. They want us to leave.”

“Kinda hard to do so. Explain anything to them?”

“I don’t think they really care anymore. Grab my compound out of the nexus. Should be right outside.”

“Yeah, sure. Bring a purified data weapon into realspace. Good idea.”

“Considering the Nexus is seeping energy into reality, something that’s impossible both mathematically and physically, his idea isn’t too strange Sadie.”

“Fine, okay. Just lemme grab that sucker really quick.”

There is a spike of radiation again, it feigns away instantly, but returns a few seconds later, before subsiding again.

“Here’s the DCB.”

Sadie hands Laurence his DCB.

“See if she pulls like normal.”

He draws the bow, and a sleek metallic object forms on the bowstring. The arrow dissipates as he brings the bowstring back to its resting place

“She does. Let’s see how it works in realspace, if the try anything.”

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