A New Hope (Galactya, Emerald-Colestia First Contact)

“Huh, pretty nifty thing. I’ll head to my ship then, I’ll come back when my Government responds.”

The two crews waited in excitement and anticipation for about half a standard day, while performing various tasks as for the standard routine. Eventually, K’Meer contacted Omaheli and Peter about his governor providing information and asking to discuss further in the same room as before. The Captain walked back into the station and into the room holding a holoscreen.

“So, let’s hear what the people upstairs have to say…”

The small alien laid the holoscreen on the table, then tapped it, causing a holographic image to appear above. It depicted another Colestian from their shoulders up. This one was light blue instead of the hues of green the crew on board presented. seconds after, the image started speaking. Or at least it seemed like it from the movements and “facial” expressions. They spoke in a somewhat high-pitched, soft feminine voice.

The Council of citizens has made its decision. We see no reason to keep information about ourselves from the people we now met among the stars, neither to not contact their government as soon as possible. Diplomats will be elected within the coming month, but until that day comes Captain K’Meer Loox shall represent our nation in international affairs with the Celestial Empire of Galactya and the Union of Emerald. Any word he speaks is spoken through the voices of all of us. We look forward to a peaceful and prosperous future together. May our path be a bright one.

“So, we have orders to contact and hopefuly talk to your… Emperor or King or Prince… your monarch. So, can we depart, and how soon? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself, I don’t even know where that is. So then is it feasible to reach your Governors in a reasonable amount of time?”


Lt. Commander Peter Larsen

(CPL)“I’m not sure if HighCom would allow an alien species in the New Greenston Sector, even a friendly one, as it requires that us as a nation TRUST the friendly nation, and taking you two to the Governor-Admiral of the Northern Territory doesn’t seem like a good idea either. Let me contact HighCom first.”

Larsen stepped out of the room and pulled out his communicator, which looked like an advanced version of a flip phone. A small holographic display is projected, showing the face of High Admiral Benjamin Gerson.

(ABG)“Lt. Cmdr Larsen, how goes the Alien Contact?”

(CPL)“Just fine sir, these people are surprisingly friendly… and they’ve already had a first contact with the Envari, they don’t seem to like them that much, sir. They’ve also requested to see his majesty.”

(ABG)“Well, I don’t see why they can’t, I’ll arrange it myself with the king. So come on and appoint Fleet Admiral Johansen as Temporary Governor. I’ll see you in a few days Lt. Cmdr.”

(CPL)“Yes Sir”

Larsen walked back into the room.

(CPL)“HighCom has given us permission to leave. K’meer, can you your vessel make it to New Greenston?”

Larsen pressed a button that displayed a holomap of the Union, only showing the route from Noua Corinia to New Greenston, which that at it would take about 4-5 Days at best possible speed in Jumpspace.


"Wait… Let me check how far… 4-5 days!? My ship probably wouldn’t make it in a month! But even if it didn’t take that long, we still don’t have enough fuel to make it, so we’ll have to fly in your vessel, if that’s okay.


Lt. Commander Peter Larsen

(CPL)“Does your Vessel not use any form of FTL? If need be, you can be transported aboard the Andrei Sirianu.”


“Well, I’m not completely sure about it, but I suspect that Colestian ships carry out Superluminal Travel in Realspace, like Galactyan ships. That should explain why they are so slow compared to Emeraldian ones.”

“Can you confirm my theory K’Meer?”


“Yeah, that’s it. We tried travelling through a different dimension some time ago, but that didn’t go well, so we’re still using singularity drives. And to answer Peter, that’s the only way I could get… anywhere from here really. So is there anything holding us here, or can we set out soon?”


Lt. Commander Peter Larsen

(CPL)“No, I don’t think so. Lets get going.”

Peter pulls out his Communicator

(CPL)“This is Lt. Cmdr Larsen to Anderi Sirianu, prepare to leave for the New Greenston system”

(CMO)“Yes, Sir”


The three made their way onto the Emeraldian vessel and embarked on their journey. It seemed rather short, for five hours anyway, as conversation relieved stress and helped kill time. Eventually, they entered orbit and prepared for landing.

“So we’re here, huh? An alien capital… sorry, I wondered of a bit. So you mantioned that you have a king, yes? How should I talk to them, or refer to them, or anything if it comes to them really? And is there something I should know before landing, like any customs or things that might upset or please other Pacificans?”


“I don’t think the Pacificans have any particular customs that you should respect religiously. They’re not the Stoinians after all.”

“Just do what you would do with anyone. Be nice and friendly, don’t be judgy about traditions, customs or even things like technology, and just act with decency. They’re a very adaptive and accepting people, I speak for personal experience. Even the far off colonies are full of nice people! That’s why we became allies so quickly. They’re a bit impulsive at times, but overall a trustworthy people. I don’t think you have much to worry about.”


"Well that’s a relief. I’m still really stressed about the king, but I’ll manage… probably. Are we ready for the landing?


(CPL)“Yes, we are here, but we’re going to have to take a Gunship down, by the way Omaheli, you’re incorrect, we do have some traditions. K’meer, you’ll refer to The King as his Majesty or Your Majesty when talking to him, you are supposed to salute him using your main hand while keeping the palm out. If you can’t do that, make an attempt at least, do not speak to the Royal Guards protecting him unless allowed, and finally, be respectful. When we land, we’ll be escorted to the Royal Palace by the 3rd Royal Guards in an Armored Transport. If you see anyone carrying a weapon, that is rather normal, open carry is law. Now, as you two are Aliens, if you do see anyone where a Star with swords crossed behind it, do NOT approach, they are the Pro-Stoinian’s, they… dislike Non-Aliens, Xeno’s is the word they use. You’ll also probably see the Stoinian Embassy while on the way to the Palace, we’ll be taking the road that follow’s Embassy Row after all. Is that too much?”


“Ugh, Stoinians. The worst humans I have ever met. You Emeraldians and the Nova Terrans are so much better than they are. If there’s one term that pretty much encapsulates all my diplomatic interactions with them, “unapproachable” works perfectly. And it’s not like anything non-humanoid puts them off, as in that case I would get it, but even humanoids that have slightly different features from them start to make them spiffy.”

“Lucky me I haven’t had to deal with many of them yet. My poor ambassador coworkers in the foreign embassies can’t say the same.”


“You sure do seem to hade those ‘Stoinians’, whoever they are. As for the insructions, I’ll do my best to follow them, they seem simple enough. I am pretty suprised that carrying weapons is a thing in your nation, as oursociologists figured that any civilization that doesn’t embrace pacifism would annihilate itself in its youth, but I guess every alien we meet seems dead set on proving us wrong.
That aside, I think I’m ready for the landing now now. Could we?”


(CPL)“Well… The Union is only a hundred and two years old, but even then, Our ancestors of Pacifica were… violent lets just say that, and we nearly wiped ourselves out in the 2nd Great War. Omaheli, may I remind you that Emerald and Stoinia are allies, or the fact that they’ve stationed military forces to ensure our continued independence.”

Larsen led K’meer and Omaheli down to the hanger and the trio boarded a Vulture Class Gunship. The craft left the hanger and descended down into New Greenston’s atmosphere, usings it’s weak shields to prevent burn up. Larsen looked out a viewport as they approached the Admiral Jack Halsey Memorial Spaceport and motioned for Omaheli and K’meer to sit down and prepare to land. The gunship then finally settled down on a landing pad close to a road. A regiment of the 3rd Royal Guard awaited them. Larsen walked up to the rear bay door and flicked the open switch. He stood a few feet back as the large door slowly opened downward, before finally hitting the concrete of the pad. Larsen motioned for K’meer and Omaheli to leave the craft.

(CPL)“Welcome to New Greenston, ahh, if it isn’t Captain Richardson. How have been things?”

(CR)“Hello to you too Peter, pretty good actually, I can see that things got a little exciting on colonial duty, huh?”

(CPL)“Yeah, this is Omaheli, she’s a Galactyan Diplomat, and this hear is K’Meer, a… Colestian? Do I have that right?”


“The Union’s relation with them will do little to change my personal views, Peter. But we should probably avoid such a conversation, especially now. There will be more appropriate moments for it.”

“Pleased to meet you Captain Richardson. Yes, K’meer is a colestian. He arrived in the Noua Corinia system as the head of a colonization fleet hailing from the Common Republic Of Colestia. Luckily and unluckily, the planet was already taken so to say.”