A New Beginning (0 BBT)

It was dark. And quiet. The floor was wet and hard. Not an ideal place to sleep. That’s probably why everything hurt after I woke up. It still hurts. For how long did sleep? 3175 years, according to what the screen in front of my face said. But why do I have a screen in front of my face? And why did I sleep for so long? And where am I? And what is my name? Who am I?

The screen answered immediatly. Technological augmentations. So I have a computer in my brain. Neat.
Chemically enchanced hybernation. In order to conserve energy. So that’s how I survived so long. No data. No data. No data. So even the computer doesn’t know. Great. But why I don’t know it? Memory loss caused by permanet brain damage. Computer sustained critical damage, resulting in data loss. I must have hit my head really hard.

Than, lights came on. But they weren’t bliding. So, apperantly my pupils were modified to readjust really quickly. More modifications. But this time, genetic. Whoever put these modifications in me, really thought of everything. But this isn’t important now. Now, I can finally see something.

The room is made of metal, lights coming from the ceilling. It’s small, two meters squered. The air is humid and at room temperature. In front of me, there is an energy shield. It would kill me, if I touched it. And behind the shield, a montrous creature. An Envari.

He was tall, thin, beige, hairless. His eyes small and black. The two tubes on the sides of his head, moving constantly. Big, small, big, small. He wore a long coat and an officer hat. They weren’t very practical, mostly decorative. He had a high rank. This computer is very useful. Able to answer almost every question. But than, the alien spoke. His speech consisted of screeches, growls and roars. Completely unintellegible. But not for the computer. A message appeared on the screen. “Look who finally decided to wake up.”


“Get him to the intertogation room,” answered the Envari.

The shield suddenly powered down and two other Envari came in. They wore black armors andcarried C-34b plasma rifles. One shot and I’m dead. Than they put a mask on my face and everything went dark.

I woke up in a glass chamber, in a small room, simillar to the previous one. But, there was a weird object in this room. Some sort of humanoid robot or … armor. It was white, with a blue star on the chest. It was more bulky than the alien ones and didn’t have a glass visor. Than the Envari walked in.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“You are on Comissaria, in prison. And I am the one that will be asking questions. On that little computer of yours, you have some very valuable data. And I want that data. So now, you will answer on all of my questions or I will use some different metods.” Without waiting for my reaction he pointed at the armor. “Now tell me, what is this?”

“Some kind of armor?” I answered. D-79h Power Armor, made from ferron alloy. Equipped with high-energy plasma blasters, “Chainsaw” machineguns and missle launchers, capable of firing multiple variations of ammunitions. It also has an autonomous power source, its own computer, advanced life support, cameras and remote control. “I don’t know anything about it.” Computer once again comes in and saves the day. I was going to make some use of this remote control feature.

“Give me the details. How to control it, what is it made of, what weapons does it have…”

“I don’t know. I never seen anything like this before. Or at least I don’t remember.” Can you activate the remote control? I felt something weird after that. Like the armor was an extension of my body. The armor started moving and before the Envari could notice, it punched him, beheading him. All this with a single thought. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The armor shattered the glass with a single punch and “opened” allowing me to get inside. After I went in, the sensation was even stronger. It no longer was an extension if my body. It was a part of it. I kicked down the thick, metal door and went into a poorly lit hallway. This armor will be my ticket out of this horrible place.


How did I know that my computer would activate the armor? How did I know how to use it? Why did I escape without gathering any information? I don’t know. I just could and I just did, because it felt like it was something I could and should do. The armor is very intuitive too.

I ran across tha hallway, shooting five soldiers on my way. The armor shot perfectly, killing each of them, immediatly, using only one bullet. I kicked down more doors and walked outside. It was night-time and the sky was clear. I could see thousands of stars. My destination. I was in some kind of military compound witn an orbital lift in the centre. I was getting hit by multiple plasma shots, by they didn’t even scratch the armor. I went into the lift, killing a couple more soldiers along the way. Suprisingly, nobody tried to turn it off. I hopped into the nearest spacecraft I could find and flew off.

How did I know how to fly a spaceship? I didn’t. It was all the computer and intuition. Maybe I knew how to fly spaceships before I lost my memory?

But anyways, I entered the Underspace and just flew in a one direction, as far as I could. It was beautiful. It had blue aura, forming a layer of thick clouds above the ship, sometimes extending lower, forming “nebulas”, sizzling with energy. In the distance, passing big shadows of unknown entities. Spending too much time in here can damage the ship or attract the entities, computer said. Noted. But for now, just fly ahead.


By this point, I spent enough time in the Underspace. I pulled my ship upwards, through the layer of clouds, ascending into Realspace. The ship I was flying was relatively small, but had a lot of space inside. A cargo ship. It was dark grey and metallic with a dymbol on one side, depicting a red star with black chain and rifle crossed with each other.

In the system I ended up in was a on particulary intriguing planet. It was purple with two orbital rings. What is this planet? No data. Even the computer doesn’t know. I activated comms and transsmited over to that planet.

“This is a cargo vessel from Comissaria, requesting permission for landing.” I also activated combat mode, just in case the inhabitants weren’t friendly. It easly defeated the soldiers on Comissaria, why wouldn’t it defeat ones over here?

(@Galaxiel this is where you come in. The guy spoke Enver btw.)


32/03/6001 P.E.

On Galactya, things were particularly busy, even more than usual. Something that happened rarely, considering the planet’s population count of more than seven and a half trillion. The Fist Coalition Congress was going to be held in a couple of days inside the Coalition Headquarters, a newly built structure meant to act as a multinational embassy, an exposition hall, and as the main Administrative Headquarters of the Coalition Of United Stars. Preparations were still being done in most of the planet’s hotels to host the tremendous number of tourists that were already flowing onto the planet from the allied nations to personally assist to the event, and explore the rest of the planet and the Crus-Lux System.

Nobody was expecting that day to get even busier.

Suddenly, a small alien ship appeared near the planet, inside Allunia’s orbit. The Outer Orbital Ring’s radars immediately picked up on the vessel, and after a quick scan, determined that it was of unknown origin, not matching any ancient or newfound design that the Galactyans knew of. Suddenly, the radars also picked up on another signal, a strange transmission spoken in a language they had never heard of. After the translators did their job, it was revealed that the mysterious ship, originating from an even more mysterious place, was requesting permission for landing.

What to do?! They didn’t want to shoot it down and possibly start a new conflict, even though they could do that and much more in a shine of a star. The Ferristians were already displeased of their allies’ quickness to military reaction, no matter how justified, so eliminating a seemingly harmless ship just before the Congress would be a stupid move. Instead, they came up with another course of action.

They opened a direct communication line with the vessel.

<<Alien vessel, this is a direct communication from the Celestial Empire Of Galactya. In this very moment, seeing as you do not possess a proper identification and authorisation mark, you’re deeply trespassing in both Imperial and Capital territory. However, you will not be shot down. We ask you to turn off your engines and weaponry system, and let our drone units transport you an appropriate military spaceport.>>


So, appeareantly I crossed over borders. I expected this place to be more unified. I don’t know why, it just seemed logical. Maybe they will know answers to some of my questions?

I turned of the engines as they ordered. The ship didn’t have any weapons. But, they didn’t say anything about the armor. The computer didn’t have any data about this planet. All I can do now, is wait.


As soon as the scanners detected that the engines had been turned off, a signal was sent to one of the hundreds of thousands of Space Hangars on the outer side of Oor, carefully arranged in organized rows and columns, opened. Out of the large biometallic doors came an automated Tracker Ring, accelerating towards the mysterious alien ship it was selected to transport.

After a while, it reached the mysterious vessel., and sent a special automated message.


As stated in the announcement, the Tracker Ring placed itself around the center of the alien ship, and activated it’s engines. Suddenly, pitch-black rings surrounded by colorful glowing halos appeared around the vessel, moving and “bouncing” off one another in an hypnotic and rhythmic motion.

As the Ring began moving back towards the planet, the alien ship did so too, held in place by the strange shifting structures, moving perfectly with the torus-shaped vessel as it accelerated more and more towards the inside surface of Oor.

• In the meantime… •

Potheinel Kervenas, a male Foliemka, was Galactya’s Security Administrator, a very important position high up in the Ministerial hierarchy. In the last couple months, between the skirmishes at Taivallinen and the organization for the Grand Congress, he had been more than overloaded with work. Organize the Surveillance Network, move platoon six to eight from the Military to the Diplomatic district, make sure that all safety guidelines are met for the parade, and such other tasks. He was happy to help prepare the grandiose event of coursem but the sheer amount of stuff he had to do was starting to take quite a toll on him.

Which is why this entire situation did not make him happy in the slightest.

After being informed of the situation, he rushfully made his way to the Spaceport on Oor that had been designated for the alien’s landing. Waiting for him on a nearby platform, were various squadrons of Proton Droids and even one of the guarding Starlight Warriors. One of the scanners had detected weird energy readings coming off from inside the alien ship, ans Potherinel decided that it was best to be prepared.

Raising his voice, he started commanding the various units around.

“Okay everyone, listen up! Squadrons One, Two and Three go stand in formation on that line you see there. Squadrons Four, Five and Six instead, go in front of the magenta pipe behind you. Everything clear?”

In their monotone voice, the Droids replied, and walked to their designed locations in synchrony.

"Orders received."

Potheinel looked up at the Starlight Warrior, who had been standing there silently waiting for its orders. Such majestic creatures, he thought to himself. He had always wondered what it would be like to uplift one to true sapience, but that was not the time for wondering.

“Instead, you go down there to that platform and don’t move. You should have the scanner info uploaded to you already, so set your OPAC to an appropriate setting that will cause the least damage possible. Do NOT fire unless I order you to. Understood?”

The red, fleshy titan replied with a deep powerful voice.


With the floor shaking at each of it’s steps, the Starlight Warrior went to where he was told and stood still, a firmness and stillness that no normal living creature could replicate. If one didn’t know any better, it couldn’t be unreasonable for them to assume it was a statue.

After a couple of minutes, the Tracker Ring had arrived at it’s destination, flying above the Spaceport. Carefully slowing down, it inserted itself perfectly in one of the semi-circle shaped frames, as various arms extended from the walls and locked onto it. The alien vessel still stood in the middle of this Ring, held in place by the Gravity Engines.

Potheinel sent a signal to alien ship through the military spaceport’s intercom.

"The Tracker Ring has fully tracked now. Please, step out of the vessel onto that ramp besides you and come to me. I would like to ask you a couple of questions."


After staying completely still throught the whole journey, I wanted to get some action. So, when I heard that I have to come out, I decided to kick out the door. I couldhave just opened them, but I didn’t. After kicking out the door, I came out outside. I was in some kind of a hangar? There were weird robots, sixty of them. They were 5 meters tall, purple, definately armed and made of some kind of biometal. This armor has really powerful scanners. There was also a giant, fleshy thing, that appereantly could shoot proton beams out of its mouth. I didn’t really understand why, but I just accepted that. And a floating, centipede thing, which was the thing that talked earlier. The Envari were more normal. At that moment it came to me, that I never saw an Envari before I woke up in prison, or at least I didn’t remember that, yet it still was in the computer’s database. But there was no time to think about that.

I came down the ramp and walked up to the centipede. I didn’t know how did I look at that time, but so that you understand better, I was 3 meters tall, 3.5 with the armor. The armor was white with a blue star on the chest. It was completely enclosed, making me look like a robot. It was also very bulky, making me look much bigger then I actually was. The centipede was about 1.7 meters long, but it was floating for some reason. I was still much bigger then it was.

“Ask these questions, but quickly. I have some questions myself, probably a lot more then you. And don’t you dare even try to attack at me, or I will show you what this thing can do,” I said, banging on the star on my chest.

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After being slightly shocked at the display of carelessness, Potheinel looked at the tall and bulky alien. It was wearing some kind of armor, although one he had never seen before. Apparently, it was the source of the weird power signature that the Scanners were picking up on. Made out of a weird metallic white alloy, with a large blue star on it’s “chest”. It definitely looked intimidating, and seemed to be outfitted with weapons resembling antimatter flechettes or pulsers. A very powerful thing to be sure. Maybe he should have called some Automatic Attack Units instead… those would probably take care of it with relative ease.

The commander floated higher up, snaking and gracefully twisting it’s biorobotic sections like a ribbon dancing in the wind, until he was face to face with the alien.

“There’s simply no reason for you to be so defensive. The ProtonDroids and the Starlight Warrior are here to make sure that you weren’t immediately hostile, and you do not seem to be. Regardless of that, my name is Potheinel Kervenas, this planet’s Security Administrator.”

“I just had a couple of questions that are very important for you me to ask you, and for you to answer. Since you seem so eager to question me, I’ll be quick.”

"Where are you coming from, Why are you here and, most importantly, Who are you? "

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“I am from Comissaria, I escaped from prison over there and I ended up here by flying in a random direction. As to who I am, I have no idea,” I answered. “I’ve been asleep for over 3 000 years and suffered brain damage because of that, meaning I don’t remember anything. Sorry about being so defensive, but the last guys I met weren’t very friendly,” I spewed out quickly. “So I guess it is time for my questions. Where am I, what species are you, can I get a map of this galaxy, sector, cluster or whatever it is and where can I find the nearest pizzeria? I haven’t eaten in over 3000 years and I’m very hungry. Nice to meet you by the way.” I pointed to the big fleshy thing “And what the fuck is even that and why does it have a proton beam in its mouth?”

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Potheinel was definitely shocked. This alien literally had no idea about anything! There were probably some PreSuperluminals more knowledgeable about the Sector than he was! This was going to be an awfully complicated situation. On the plus side, however, he seemed to be very reasonable.

The name “Commissaria” seemed… familiar. Perhaps something had happened lately that involved the planet somehow. He would look into it later.

“Well, uh… I’m… sorry to hear that. If you feel comfortable with it I could try to get you to a Care Center and sign you up for a Neuralgic Restoration…”

“Anyways, just to make you “catch up” we are currently in an area of the Lampshade Galaxy known as Sector A1-0. At this very moment you are on Oor, the Outer Orbital Ring of Galactya, capital of the Celestial Empire Of Galactya, which is in turn situated in the east of the Sector.”

Looking up at the Starlight Warrior’s unmoving face, Potheinel started explaining.

“That, is a Starlight Warrior. A biomechanical weapon capable of regenerating itself and shooting incredibly potent Proton Beams out of it Organic Proton Acceleration Cannon. That suit must have some pretty good scanners if you were able to know that already! Anywho, I made sure for this one to be set to a lower energy level, so that it would cause a small explosion instead of a giant fireball of nuclear annihilation. I’m glad to see that I haven’t had to use it.”

“I am glad to meet you too, by the way. These situations usually go pretty bad, but I’m happy to see we were able to resolve it in a peaceful way as soon as possible. As for your hunger… well, you are an alien of a potentially unknown star nation who showed to be perfectly reasonable and amicable, therefore… you are to be considered an Imperial Guest! You won’t need to worry about food or hospice anymore. If you want to, you can stay here for some time. We could discuss more about the Sector while you remain here.”


“I am truly grateful for your hospitability. I would also wish to learn more about the Sector sometime later.” I truly was grateful that these Galactyans were so friendly and welcoming, definately a nice change from the Envari. According to the computer, my brain has already healed from the injuries some time ago, but the memories were unrecoverable. “This Neuralgic Restoration will not be needed, as my brain has already healed itself, thanks to my several genetic modifications.” At that point, I removed my helmet, which folded into the rest of the armor, allowing the alien to see my face.

To clarify, I am a human. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin. That is all you will need for now.

“Are we going to stay in this hangar or should we maybe go somewhere else?”



Potheinel was admittedly… shocked. This alien was a… human. It was already common knowledge that the humans were everywhere in the Sector, at least in the current period, but this was… different. He had learned of human offshoot species in the Tiyanki Territories, but this person didn’t look any different from a regular Terran or a Pacifican, just much, much taller, even bigger than a Drakari!

“I’ve never seen a human as big as you are! Except for some NeoTerrans with size augmentations that is.”

“Anyways, you’re right, we should probably go away from here. We can leave your ships here, I’ll make someone transfer it to a private hangar. I’ll also call someone to send away the ProtonDroids and the Warrior. In the meantime however, I can bring you to a restaurant in the Diplomatic District, and then I’ll bring you to the Imperial Palace Complex. It is protocol for you to present yourself to the Emperors, but nothing stops me from making you eat first.”

“Is this plan of action fine for you?”


“This plan sounds good,” I replied.

I was curious. I never met another human before. Or at least I don’t remember it. It was weird, because my computer clearly said I was average height for a human. I devided to clear Potheinels doubts.

“As for my size, it might be a result of several genetic modifications I was equipped with,” I explained. “I don’t know who made them or why, but appeareantly they aren’t standard for humans over here.”

“Again, thank you for such a warm welcome,” I said. “I will also have hive this ship a new paintjob one day. That emblem is a bit too evil for my taste. Anyways, lead the way. I will be right behind you.”


“Oh, don’t worry about it, you’re welcome. You’ve been behaving so well until now, and it’s really the least I could do. I’ll be honest, the Galactyan Empire is probably the best place for you to have ended up in. Our neighboring nations are our dearest allies, yes, but some of them tend to be a bit distrustful or even aggressive when it comes to situations like this one. I may be wrong, but I’ve been alive for 1500 standard years and trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of stuff.”

“That aside, it’s time to go! I have the perfect place in mind. It’s a terran high luxuty restaurant hotel in the Diplomatic District, called “Excalibur”. As much as I’d like bringing you to a Galactyan one, I believe the intensity of our cuisine might be a bit… overwhelming, especially for someone with an unaccustomed palate.”

Potheinel and his guest walked outside of the military spaceport, and towards one of the port’s private military Railgun Lines. Above them, a truly magnificent scenario unfolded: the rest of Oor curved up in the distance, and above them Galactya and Ior peaked titanic through the artifical atmosphere. In front of Ior, the Production Array glittered, it’s hundreds of thousands of industrial stations reflecting the light of the Capital’s two suns.

Together, they got into one of the automatic pods, and as they seated down, the gravity plating turned on, and the cone-shaped vessel started speeding up, attracted by the hundreds of hyper-magnetic rings that made up the large Railgun. They then shot out of the Railgun’s tip, high above Oor’s clouds and atmosphere. Passing through the Production Array and above Ior, the two landed on a one of the Spaceport’s of Galactya’s Diplomatic District, Gravity Engines slowing them down and placing them gently on a Maglev Track.

Again, they sped up, but to more regular speeds. The gravity plating also turned off, as it was no longer necessary. Titanic skyscrapers and gardens covered in colorful flowers surrounded them, and uncountable number of people, all different, walking frantically along the main Walkroads, or relaxing in groups in the gardens. As they traveled westward, Allunia and Munos appeared in the twilight sky, their terraformed forests and oceans showing proudly as a testament of Imperial Greatness.

And after a couple minutes of travel, they arrived. The higher plazas of the Diplomatic District hosted many of Galactya’s immigrant communities. Many religious temples could be found here, ranging from Catholic Churches, to Vistën Temples. In the center of the plazas, hotels, restaurants, theaters and discos could be found, and it was right in the middle pf this place that the Excalibur rose.

“So… what do you think of Galactya? We’ve always been pretty impressive and grandiose, but in the last three centuries, things have really started to go off!”


I was amazed. The tall buildings, the orbital rings, tge wide varaiety of species, the purple sky. The view was breathtaking. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, definately better then Comissaria. And also, I haven’t seen a whole lot of stuff, so it isn’t hard to impress me.

“I love it. Galactya is the best place I ever was,” I summarized my thoughts. “Just a small question. How am I supposed to behave when we meet with the Emperors? I don’t have a lot of experience with that sort of stuff.”


“Act natural. Of course, show a bit more respect than you normally would, but I’ll just tell them that you have no diplomatic experience of any kind, and they’ll behave accordingly. They are very flexible on these sorts of things.”

“That aside, follow me! I reserved us a private room, so we can have a more… private, conversation.”

Together with hundreds of other people, the two walked into the grand building. All manners of species could be seen inside, an amount of diversity found nowhere else in the entire West, much less in the rest of the Sector.

The inside of the Excalibur, designed by a Terran and NeoTerran architect in collaboration, was a beautiful union of alien cultures. Mixed elements of NeoCelestial and Art Deco architecture, the grand hall of the Hotel and Restaurant represented the friendship between the Children of the Fallen Star, and the Descendants of Terra, a friendship that lasted for two entire centuries, and was going to last much, much more.

A human greeted them at the front desk., dressed in an old-fashioned black and white uniform, with a green star clipped on his chest, right on top of his heart. A Pacifican.

“Greetings dear customers. What can I do for you?”

“We’re here for the restaurant. There should be a reservation for a private room on the Imperial Floors, under the name of Potheinel Kervenas.”

“Wait a second… are you- are you the capital’s security administrator?!”

“Sure looks like it!”

“Oh, well, honored to meet you sir! May I ask, what brings someone of your rank here?”

“Let’s just say that I have an international guest who might be more accustomed to Terran cuisine than ours.”

“Should have guess of course! I’m glad that you chose to come to us for such an important occasion. I’ll bring you to your room. - MICHAEL, TAKE THE FRONT DESK! - Follow me please!”

The room was relatively large and very, very luxurious, with a black, elegant round table located in the center, two large cushioned chairs on opposite sides. In front of them, an expensive-looking cutlery had been arranged in an elegant fashion, with an elegant napkin rolled on top of the gilded plate. The wall opposite to the entrance hosted large clear windows, inserted into elaborate metallic frames that decorated their edges. Outside, the rest of the High Plazas of the Diplomatic Districts could be seen, bustling with public transport ships and people from all over the West.

Potheinel sat down, and motioned his alien companion to do so as well.

“I hope this place is of your liking. It’s one of the most expensive restaurants in the entire Diplomatic District. Many diplomats from the Union Of Emerald have come here, even the ambassador it seems!”

“Also, I hope the busyness of the Capital wasn’t too much for you. There are already more than seven and a half trillion people living here, and the fact that the Grand Congress is going to be held here in just a couple of days doesn’t help at all…”


“Whoa, slow down a little. Union of Emerald? Grand Congress? What are those?” It was at that moment I realised just how much I have to learn about this world. “Also, the place is great. The best restaurant I’ve ever been to. And the only one I remember going to. Where do you get menus here?”

I was wondering what would the private conversation be about. Comissaria? Perhaps, but I didn’t know much. The armor? Probable. Technically the computer had the armor blueprints and technicall data, I wasn’t just going to tell that to anyone. Potheinel and Galactya as a whole seemed vert friendly, but it might still be a trap. After what I experienced on Comissaria, my technology is very valuable and a lot of people might try to get it. In not necesarilly nice ways.


“Oh, yeah, right… you, you couldn’t know about those. So uh, well, the Empire has founded a Coalition with five other allied nations following a very short-lived war, and in a couple of days the rulers will meet here in the Diplomatic District to figure out the inner workings of the alliance and modify existing treaties and trade taxes. Hence why so many people are already flowing in from the neighboring nations.”

“The Union Of Emerald is instead a very young nation in the Galactic North, a couple hundred light years from here. It’s inhabited exclusively by humans, and are one of our newest allies. The waiter that greeted us at the front desk was from there. You could tell by looking at the green star clipped on his uniform’s chest.”

“As for the menu, just tap that little touch bar you see on your right. It will project a holographic display of the complete menu. It even has three dimensional renders of the dishes, and a small dedicated paragraph with serving temperature, capsaicin levels and such things. Excalibur has a set of dishes for every Terran or Pacifican culture, divided in sections.”


I loooked at the menu. It had hundreds of options, from so many nations. Interesring thing, the computer had a lot of information on the Terran section, but none on the Pacifician section. But one of these nations was interesting. Detroxia. The same blue star was on the flag and on the armor. Probably just a coincidence. But just in case, I downloaded a copy of the menu.

I ordered a tonno pizza, a bunch of blueberry pierogi and a whole bottle of apple juice.

While I was waiting on the order, I decided to dpark some conversation. “So, is there anything else that O should know about Galactya or other nations in the sector? I don’t want to find myself in an embarassing situation because I didn’t know some obvious facts.”