A miner incident (Rehy-Galactya first contact) [0 BBT]

OOC notes:
Adding “a” to the end of a word refers to a person.
Adding “aa” to the end of a word indicates an ideology/religion.

ie: “Ssca” is the former nation Ssca, “Sscaa” is the demonym, “Sscaaa” is a political ideology.

“Akak” is a vocalisation meaning "do you hear me? a radio conversation ends when “akak” is not said.

Rikeuningerd use names/titles/ethnicities as personal pronouns.
ie: Scyroo is a former Syru (leader) of Rehy, Syru is well respected.

Ra-Scayi is mineral rich planet positioned 183km from it’s star, a red dwarf. The planet harbors several mining outposts, and is orbited by 3 docking stations owned by Rehy, it has no moons. As Kusua discovered this high gravity ore planet, Kusu industries own a majority of vessels that frequent it, alongside recycling plants, refineries and the like present on it’s surface. Ra-Scayi has not been terraformed due to its stance as a resource, therefor outside of habitable domes , it remains a flat, uninhabitable wasteland.

Ship no. 4343 is a of one the many scrapping ships that visit Ra-Scayi, it’s 1km long, 500m high and 700m wide (a medium sized vessel by Rehy terms) it’s equipped with five mining lasers: a powerful one of the nose, two on each side, these weapons are limited to the front, below the bridge, to allow maximum cargo space. Such a ship is powered by nuclear fusion, and is not designed to enter atmosphere. It’s number, Kusu plus Rehy insignia, and a yellow stripe signifying it as a industrial ship, are painted on it’s side.

434-3 is also one of the many ships contacted to deal with a damaged vessel. It has been idling in a doc.

Ship no. 237: [434-3, this is ship Captain Sca-Ro of 237. Akak]

Ship no. 434-3: [237, this is Captain He of 343. Akak.]

[434-3 we require your assistance. A small civilian vessel has collided with an astroid in planet Deeroo’s ring, easy clean up but theres LOTS of astroids we have to get past, we need an extra to shoot rocks that get to close to us. An easy test for a newly deployed ship. Akak.]

[273, traveling there now]

Captain He: “exiting doc!”

Crew member: “Moving!” It took a moment to be a safe distance away from the doc to warp, “Safe!”

He: “Initiating warp.”

Crew member: “Systems running good.”

Captain He: “Warping in 3…2…1!”

343 and it’s rather enthusiastic crew travel through another dimension in order to quickly reach there destination, and everything is perfectly well until they arrived. Something is off, planet Deeroo is nowhere in sight, alongside it’s famous asteroid belt, the stars seem different, and most importantly: no one contacted them upon arrival.

Captain He: “Sca-Ro should have radioed us by now. But Captain hasn’t. And the stars…there is different locations, don’t line us with our maps…” He is rather concerned, eyes pinning.

Co-pilot Desysy: “Is it possible where stuck in the warp.”

Captain He: “Friend…” He looks down at the control screen. “KA! I’v incorrectly entered Deeroos coordinates…were way past our target, by…a lot. Well, at least we’re not stuck in an alternate dimension.”

Co-pilot Desysy: “You and your armoured hands,” Jokes Desysy, who wears the same uniform. “We know our origin coordinates, we can get back.”

He was looking at the radar. “What creation of the gods is that.” What he was looking as was a 25km long ship. Miners on the ships left could see it, about 10km away from them, and now that He was aware of its presents, everyone on the bridge looked in its direction. “I’ll contact Rehy headquarters.” Sadly, Rehy headquarters are to far away to contact, it would take a while for a message to get there, if it got there at all.

Co-pilot Desysy: “We’ll just have to wait until they notice us.” The mining ship stays where it is, Rikeuninerd are an inquisitive species and they require knowledge, but there also very cautious.

Captain He, Co-pilot Desysy, Defence Defence Veteran Ku-dyko


07/04/6001 P.E.

Celestial Empire Of Galactya
Quadrant 18, Near The Nebular Termination Point

The Nebular Termination Point in Quadrant 18. A spherical Bok Globule encapsulating various newborn stars can be seen in the foreground, at the bottom right corner of the image.

The 7th Border Patrol Fleet, composed of 750 vessels, had entered the Border Hyperlane sections of Quadrant 18. The Patrol Fleets rarely rested, and were on a constant mission of circling the entire Empire’s frontier, constantly travelling among the Hyperlane Border Line and only dropping out of the hypergravital tunnels to inspect anything picked up by the Border Surveillance Systems.

Each fleet was captained by one of the Conqueror Class Imperial Warships, 25 kilometers long vessels whose armament and shielding was updated any time that a technological advancement was made. The Warship was then accompanied by other vessels with various purposes and gradually smaller size, in case a battle was to break out. In the 7th Fleet’s case, the Warship at it’s command was the “Astral Collapse”, one of the oldest ships of it’s class that was constructed more than twelve standard centuries ago.

Soon after entering Quadrant 18, one of the Radar Satellites picked up something, and notified the Fleet.

“Captain! We are receiving a notification from the Surveillance Radar Satellite 18-32. It’s detecting an unusual signature, analogue to that of a warp transit.”

“Noted. Initiate exit from HyperGravital Tunnel! Activate shields and all scanner stations!”

“Activating Ringular Gravity Warp Dive at maximum speed.”

“Anomaly reading tracked and locked on astrolocator. Scanners activated in deep field mode. Ready to scan on arrival.”

“Good. Prepare to deactivate Warp Drives in three seconds.”

“Noted! Warp Drives disengaged.”

“Wonderful. What are we dealing with here? A transdimensional warp anomaly?”

“No, it’s… it’s a ship sir!”

“What?! Nehtar, is it of any nation we know of? Perhaps an ally.”

“No, the contrary. The warp signature excludes Calerostan, Trianarö and even Sereniani ships. And the signature itself is only similar to Drakari and Emeraldian ones, but the background pattern is completely different! We’re dealing with a first contact!”

“Is it armed?”

“It appears to be. Simple photonic laser weapons, similar to the ancient ones used for mining asteroids in the first centuries of Era 2.”

“Mhh, inetersting. With those weapons they won’t be a threat even to the MilliFighters. Qasthkion, are the shields up?”

“Yes, captain. Both Rainbow and Antimatter shields are fully operational.”

“Perfect. Thaisader, activate the Reactionless Drive and set it to 0.76 Cs. Direct the fleet towards the alien vessel. Uirtev, activate the communication array and the universal translators. Prepare to hail them.”

“Yes Captain. Target locked and drives engaged to set speed. the fleet will reach their location in 28 seconds.”

“Communicator array locked and activated Captain. Universal translators have been activated and are fully operational. We’re ready to start hailing.”




The message is received, but being a scrapping vessel 434-3 and it’s crew have no idea on how to deal with first contact, they will have to make do with what’s familiar. Upon noticing the fleet moving towards them, half the crew begin panicking, the others stand in curious silence, of course the most important things occur on the bridge.

On the bridge, Ku-dyko, an atypically tall Kusua, stands in lookout: “Captain, there’s lots more smaller ships. Also, there moving towards us.” Ku-dyko served in the Screea Defence Defence, and is not yet familiar with 434-3’s capabilities. “We need to scan them to see what tech they have, just in case we need to escape. We can’t fight them.”

Captain He: “Soldier Ku-dyko, we can’t do that, this is a mining vessel. We can scan for life, and known/unknown elements.”

Co-pilot Desysy prepares the ship to flee, but is interrupted by the message. “Captain, message, there communicating… they must have a translater, no one should know Scayi. Do you know first contact protocol?”

Captain He: “No. I am a simple miner.”

Crew member Ku-dyko: “I vaguely do. As they are definitely trying to contact us, we need to alert headquarters. He has already tried that, where to far away. That means the next step is telling them who we are: ship details, origins, ect.”

Co-pilot Desysy: “You do that.”

Crew member Ku-dyko:
[This is Scrapping ship 434-3. You have contacted a civilian vessel of Rehy. 434-3 has 1 captain, 1 co-pilot and 28 sapient organic crew. Rehy is a alliance, it consist of many nations. Our home planet is Ruka. Our species is Rikeuninerd. 434-3 has warped here on accident.]

Captain He orders 434-3 into Defencive position-Passive: mining lasers are turned off, and shields put to full power. An announcement to “remain calm” is put over 434-3, although it does little.


“Okay, so… what do we do now?”

“Isn’t there a first contact protocol or something? We should probably follow that.”

“If I remember correctly, what we have to do depends highly on the situation. Different parameters and checkpoints.”

“Yes, you’re right. I just pulled it up from the database, and it all depends on attitude, location, and ship classification. In our case, the aliens seem relatively calm, it’s all happening in deep space and we have big and very armed ships so… we should ask them to track to our ship in order to carry out diplomacy. At least, that’s what it says.”

“Seems relatively straightforward. Let’s hope it goes well.”

“Let’s hope that. Anyways, Uirtev! Activate the link again and be ready to send another message. Everyone else, prepare to open one of the hangars and to reconfigure the atmospheric settings.”

“Everything ready Captain!”


“If we’re lucky, they won’t react badly.”


The crew are relieved that the aliens don’t take an offensive, still the shields remain up.

Co-pilot Desysy: “I believe that means they want us to dock.”

Captain He: “Yes. Im locking onto that one over there” He points towards the Flagship.

The tech crew have quickly found Ruka’s atmospheric and surface gravity data: [Atmosphere is 72% nitrogen, 27.1% oxygen, 0.9% carbon dioxide, gravity is 8.29 m/s2.]

Crew member Ku-dyko: “I wonder what else they’ll want to know about us.”

Captain He: “We will find out.”


As the 434-4 reached the large ship and aligned itself to the front of the hangars, it’s folding doors opened, leaving the passage open. Thanks to the airwall, the air inside the hangar bay was not pulled out into outer space, and instead remained still.

After the scrapping ship fully entered the large room, two gravity engines activated, acting as docking clamps and holding it in place. A large foldable staircase rose up from the floor and aligned itself to the vessel’s main exit.

The hangar’s intercom activated, welcoming the new guests aboard.



The crew pile of the ship. The Captain, Co-pilot and Ku-dyko are the first off, the other 28 individuals exit with a mix of excitement and confusion. They all wear miners suits, yellow in colour with a slanted helmet and red/blue reflective eye pieces, each have the Kusu symbol printed on there arms, alongside rank. Some of them are reluctant to exit.

Captain He: “They wont be taking all of us to meeting.”

Co-pilot: “Doing so would be silly. Unless they have a giant room they’ll just see us. We should wait for the official.”

The miners chatter among them selves, most take off there helmets. Some start to wander, so the Captian informs they must stay put “so they don’t get lost.”


Picture of Oullin Phtalamm at a private gathering on the dark side of Tipharr, a tidally locked world in the Middle Quadrants.

With most of the fleet tuning into the virchnodes and comms relays of the Astral Collapse to watch the first contact unfold, the designated ship official entered the large hangar: Oullin Phtalamm, an intrale Lunnot that had been serving in the Imperial Fleet for some decades. Lowering hirself to an height little less than 2 meters, se walked to the large group of aliens, that se could easily tell were more than confused.

As se walked, Oullin extensively observed the scene. The scrapping ship was… rudimentary at best, and while the antimatter-matter reactors seemed relatively advanced, the rest of the technology the ships scanned didn’t exceed the expectations given by the boxy outside, tainted by regolithic dust smeared over the various nooks and crannies in the rough hull. Then again this was a minor scrapping ship, so it would be wrong to expect anything particularly advanced. Well one could argue that Galactyan ships and drones were all standardized in quality, but taking the hyper-centralized, advanced, resourceful and powerful Empire as a standard for quality wasn’t wise, nor was it right.

Another thing that amused hir was the stark similarities that these new xenosapients had with certain Terran and Pacifican Birds: se remembered taking care of a small population of them a century or two ago in hirs old home on a Bishop Ring around the gas giant D’Jinnos. If things went well and information started flowing, se would definitely take a course in Rikeuninerd anatomy.

Between the crew of confused birds, se spotted three individuals that distinguished themselves from the rest: two white birds, one taller and boxier than the other, and a tall red bird between them, the three talking to each other with less confusion and better attitude than the rest. One of them must be the ship’s captain, or a figure of similar role and importance. Hirs exoself confirms that their body language and intonation does match with hirs perception.

Se went in front of them, and as soon as they noticed hir, welcomed them on board.

“Greetings! It’s an honor to meet a new species between the stars. My name is Oullin Phtalamm, and I’ll be your guide and designated official during our first contact.”

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Captain He and the others nod there heads as a greeting, before following with speech: “I am Captain He of Ruka, Rakar, Nation Kusu. I am captain of the ship.”
Co-pilot Desysy: “I am Co-pilot Desysy of terraformed planet Eyeyey, Scayikra, Union Desysya. I am named after a nation.”
Ku-dyko: “I am Ku-dyko of Ruka, Rakar, Nation Kusu. I am a Defence defence veteran.”

Curiosity has gotten the better of the crew, they draw in and peer at Oullin Phtalamm, they crane there necks and stand tall, making sure not to get to close as it would be rude to invade space. Some begin talking among them selves as by now, there full of questions. Ku-Dyko quickly organises them into a neat semi circle, they all stand facing the four

Ku-Dyko: “NOTICE: all 28 of us are now under first contact protocol, as you are now interacting with a alien civilisation.

Captain He: “Oullin Phtalamm, normally we would have a diplomat to talk to you, however we don’t have contact with our home planet (Ruka) as where really far away. We will instead be diplomats.”

Co-pilot Desysy: “We where attempting to warp to a crashed civilian vessel, however He entered the coordinates incorrectly.”

Captain He: “And then we arrived in your territory.”

Ku-Dyko: “We where told about a ‘meeting room’? Also do we have time for their questions? Ku-Dyko looks towards the crew. “The rest of the crew is getting restless.”


Dropping and img of 434-3. Should have done this earlier

434-3 outside the window of a doc, with an armoured Kusu crew member in front


“I’ll escort you three to the meeting room in a bit, but in the meantime I’ll be sure to answer any question your crew has. Curiosity is a much appreciated trait where I’m from. A sign of intelligence, you know? Also, don’t bother with my surname, just call me Oullin.”


The miners begin talking over each other, until one of them calls out “One at a time!” Then steps forward and asks “How are we getting home?”

Captain He: “We know the coordinates of home. We can easily go back when we need.”

Another individual steps forward: “How are we supposed to contact Rehy to say where safe?”

Captain He: “I do not know. Our communications can’t reach that far.”

And another: “Oullin what if your soul of?”


”The nearest system has a series of antimatter collection arrays around it’s star and gas giants, plenty of which remains in storage for later trading. Seeing as how your engines are antimatter-matter total energy release engines, we could definitely fill your ship up in case the fuel’s running a bit low."

”You’ll be able to talk to your home by using one of our communication nodes. They’re what we use to send messages pretty much instantaneously throughout the whole interstellar neighbourhood, and any point within the Galaxy, and arguably much further beyond, is in reach."

”Well uh… we don’t really believe in souls here so I don’t think I can give an answer to that."

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Captain He: “One of the first things we should do is inform Rehy of our situation, that is very important. I’m glad we can refuel of ship as well.

Ku-Dyko: “”what is you soul of” is a Kusua fraze. It’s a way of asking for someone’s details, like where there from.”

Co-pilot Desysy: “It’s an old saying. Almost as old as Kusu. Rikeuninerd languages have very few sayings like that, we will avoid using them because they won’t translate well.”


”Ah, I see. We do have quite a lot of sayings ourselves! The official language of the Empire is more than 9700 years old after all."

”Well uh… I’m 934 standard years old, I’m an intrale - which simply means I’m a hermaphrodite - and I was born on a McKendree Cylinder known as Dirres, in the Revneroll Star System. I have been working as officer and diplomat for the Imperial Fleet for 62 years, and before that I worked as a neurobiologist, as a librarian and as an astrologist."


Crew members take turns stepping forward, each one asking a question, or making a statement:

“I’m the oldest on the ship! I’m 147.” Exclaims one.

“Rikeuninerd are also hermaphrodites.” Says another.

“What is a McKendree Cylinder?” Asks a crew member.
Another individual attempts to answer this question. “It’s an artificial ring that goes around a planet and supports life.” Said the crew member. They all think this is very interesting, despite Rehy having no interest in building such massive structures, some are aware of the concept.

Captain He: “Feel free to ask the crew any questions before we go ahead with diplomacy, they have different understandings and knowledge to us.”


”Well, not really. It’s not a ring, but a cylinder, as the name says. McKendree Cylinders usually have a length of 10000 kilometers and a width of 1000 although slightly smaller and bigger ones do exist. They rotate around their axis to generate artificial gravity, and yes, they do support an ecosystem. A *series of * ecosystems is probably a better description, seeing as how their internal surface area is as big as 12% of that of a typical telluric planet."

”While we’re on our way you could all tell me how Rehy is like. I’d be interested to know more about the home of our guests after all."


Ku-Dyko projects a map of Rehy’s territory Ku-Dyko’s wrist. He thanks Ku-Dyko by clacking He’s beak, and zooms in oh Ruka.

Captain He: “This is our home planet. Reik is the continent to that looks like a head. Scayikra and Rakar are divided by a mountain range. Scayikra is below Rakar.”

Ku-Dyko zooms in on the nations Kusu. “This where me and He are from: Kusu. Kusu dose lots of military production for Rehy, beaten by Screea, who formed Rehy. Kusu was in dispute with the former nation Ssca for 30’000 years, we -alongside Scayikra nations- where subject to persecution during those times. We now are recovering as Ssca has been gone for about 2’000 years. We now ready our selves to confront any future such threats.
Rehy as a whole is peaceful, there’s an anarchist group called Sluear, and there quasi-state Scu is irrational, but they do little harm other then prank us once a year, and honestly it’s good training for the Defence defence.”

Co-pilot Desysy: “Rehy is a safe nation, well protected and accepting. Our territory and planets are well looked after, and environment clean. I’m from a nomadic nation, but I was born Eyeyey, a beautiful terraformed planet. I move around a lot and before I became a scrapper I monitored the adaptation and evolution of species on our terraformed planets, which is a great job because you are out in nature.”

Captain He: “I’v been on ships my entire life. It’s a easy lifestyle because of its routine. You also get to travel around. Lots of Rikeuninerd of the military have done the same, or have come from the military, like Ku-dyko. I really don’t have much more to say.”

The crew members take turns now:
“I’m from Screea, like lots of Rikeuninerd we live underground. There’s many complex underground cities across Rehy. We originally started doing this to avoid humidity and heat, but it makes it easer to avoid damaging a planets surface as well.”
“Rehy doesn’t have currency and relies of bartering, and workers receive food for there work.”
“Rehy is made of many nations, each are democratic. Rehy is run by a specific group of leaders from each nation, who are elected by the public for that role.”
“There’s free public transportation, education and health care. You don’t have to provide anything for these services.”
“The mentioned services are provided by workers unions, because we volunteer to make them. The government has to approve of course.”
“We are kind to each other so that we can live in peace.”

There is silence, as the crews content with their answers.


”Ah, interesting. It might be still too early to tell, but Rehy does have the clear marking of a new friend through the stars! We will see though, all in due time."

”Anywho, the Galactyan Empire is a unitary state founded almost 9700 standard years ago, and over the course of history we have colonized and terraformed more than thirty one thousand planets, built millions of habitats and plenty of megastructures. Currently, we have a population of 81 trillion and almost 500 billion, divided between hundreds upon hundreds of sapient species."

”In the Empire resource extraction, production, manufacturing, construction and all other kinds of physical labor are completely automated, as well as most of the state administration. Each Imperial month, all citizens receive a universal amount of our currency, thus rendering work more than optional. Thus, our citizens are allowed to spend their lives searching for their purpose and improving themselves, instead of having to repeat a tedious cycle of working each day. Still, some do choose to work anyways to find fulfillment, to feel useful or to increase their popularity and status, like those who work in the Imperial Administration System. Most work positions however are in the realm of catering, hospitality and entertainment."

”Of course, even though each citizen is quite rich, especially compared to the standards of less advanced or less socialist nations, essential services are still totally free, and made to be available to everyone. Like in Rehy education, public transport, healthcare and many more services are free and completely state funded."

”We don’t really do stuff like democracy, although great importance is given to the opinion of the citizens at large: therefore we often hold opinion votings before taking an important decision. The Empire’s government is divided into various institutions: the Council Of Clades deals with national internal and external affairs, the Quadrant Assembly deals with internal affairs concerning singular Quadrants, Star Systems or Colonies, and the Nine Grand Ministries are the organizations that coordinate and administrate the entirety of the Galactyan Empire. However, the real power is in the hands of the Emperors: their word is absolute, and all important decisions made by the other government bodies must pass through them first. We have received scrutiny for our autocratic system in the past, from our more democratic of allies, but the current Emperors have been reigning justly and prosperously for 1700 years so there is not much one can guilt us of."

”Like with Rehy, we also deeply value kindness and cooperation in all things. After all, an Empire of no cooperation is an Empire no more."

”While I enjoyed this little exchange I fear we must start heading towards that meeting room I mentioned before. We have probably said all that we needed to know about each other’s states, so we might as well start discussing the more technical aspects of our interstellar relations."


Captain He: “Very interesting-“ He is interrupted by Ku-dyko.

Ku-dyko: “Yes we need to start formal diplomacy now and contact Rehy now. They would have sent out a search for us by now.”

One of the crew steps forward: “Where do we go? We can’t all attend diplomacy.”