A Masked Leader (The Sulgry State Junta) [0BBT]

The peacefulness of space lays uninterrupted around a planet in the far outskirts of the SSJ.

Until the orbit of this planet, Tolslyol, blazes to flames as a rod of light and accelerated particles stretches far into the void of space, shooting off from a formation of space vessels. They had arrived home.

“Status of the MWS Supremacy. Successful superluminal braking. Minimal erosion to the hull. Warp coils arriving to ambient gravity fields. Arrived to destination.”

The MWS’, standing for Mother Warp Ships, were the pinnacle of trrarrusian science and engineering. One of the problem they faced was the accumulation of energy in front of the warp bubble, and their solutions was transforming it into a weapon.

This one, going back to the headquarters of the SSJ, was one of relatively many the Junta had been able to amass.

“Home sweet home,” a soldier talked.

“I’m sure you mean cold…one of his mates corrected.

The dim lit star did what it could, but it left temperatures less desirable than the ones in which trrarrusians had evolved.


A few shuttles fell from the sky onto the earth while some other ships stayed on orbit.

While they settled on their respective landing pads, and the heat from the reentry dissipated into vapour, the MWS Supremacy left orbit with two copies of the ship travelling in opposite directions due to optical illusions.

“Got any plans after work…?”

“Nah, nothing…”

“Great, I heard there was this place-”

“Shoot, she’s here…!”

Soon, all soldiers cowered their heads, as their leader came through towards the shuttle’s hatch.

And then later, a smaller trrarrusian came following her.

“Temperature of 293.35° rreupya, low humidity, we are told that the shipyards were at good work while we were away,” he informed.

“That’s good.”

Her mask showed no expression, except for the two holes in a single side of the cover, corresponding to her two right eyes.


The hatch opened, revealing the hazy and dark skyline of the acumenopolis of Tolslyol, not different from the few other acumenopolis of the CSK. Devoid of any natural resources, and converted to a center of industry and manpower.

The leader and her assistant stepped out of the ship, with other soldiers following behind, and some diverting paths to assist to their jobs. The sky is streaked by both spires of fire leaving space, and other MWS discharging energy deep in space.

“We have any information on the CSK or the PRS?”

“I’ve been told of worrying news.”


“Our spies have told us of weird contacts between the CKA and unregistered spaceships.”

“What does… “unregistered” exactly mean?”


As the pair walked down the streets to the headquarters of the SSJ, every soldier who came across them cowered their head.

“At least two contacts with ships that had no registration or even sign of being trrarrusian, massive ships. However, our spies weren’t able to catch a glimpse of who they were. In the first contact, they were involved in a battle, but in the second, there were no shoots fired.”

“Are you suggesting extraterrestrial contact?”

“Not suggesting, we have images of the third contact these aliens had with the PRS. And they are definitely not trrarrusian… They had talks with both Souby and Saskluy.”