A Bit of Worldbuilding

So heres some info on my A-10 nation, Imperium of Astra-Pheonexia. So we are a newly founded nation with Humans as our major species. Right now we have political instability and our neighbors can basically influence our government as overlapping powers, political parties, positions, limited markings of jurisdiction, and a small military. Were basically like a very weak confederacy but a group of people are consolidating power to give political stability to Astra-Pheonexia.

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Interesting. I imagine Stoinians & Ryccians would like to influence you. Given how the Venterran Federation is your neighbour, that might pose a serious threat as they want to purge humanity from the universe. Both the Ryccian Empire and the Stoinian Star Kingdom would assist you I believe. Though we need to have some sort of first contact to be able to do that :wink:

My Ns nation is a large superpower so I was thinking of going like the polar opposite for Astra-Pheonixia, at least initially. I plan on it having something similer to the starwars universe with the Confederacy, Republic, Imperium, New Republic, Imperial Order, stuff like that similer to star war’s Old Republic, Galatic Empire, New Republic, First Order, republic restored.

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Ok so in terms of resources Astra-Pheonexia which im going to refer to as AP for the sake of my terrible spelling is Stacked, Packed, Loaded, RICH in resources, From the The Great Eastern Nebula, to asteroids, and the different planets the Nation is filled with resources such as diamonds, gold, metals, and highly south after rare elements, ores, and metals which are not that rare in AP. We have 7 large nebulas with the largest being the Great Eastern Nebula or Magna Orientalis which are again rich in resources. The Large amount of resources through remain an untapped potential and treaure in the Imperium due to continued instability and government infighting. This makes the Imperium easy to exploit and id imagine my neighbors trying to get their hands on such commodities, Im looking at you Ryccia, Venterra, Fortinia, and Akropii.

The Venterran Federation aren’t savages unless dealing with Terrans. So if you’re an alien species or an alien species is fighting for dominance, then the Venterran Federation would be happy to lend a helping hand in exchange for said resources.

Were majority human so yea.

That’s unfortunate

Although we have a large Venterran minority in the Southern States with Helena falling under Former Venterran area, but its also in Former Ryccian area.