[2356.AB] Change to the SPSF's Responsibilities


I’d like to propose the following change to the Charter, Article IX, Section 1:

(1) The South Pacific Special Forces will be the official military forces of the Coalition. Their responsibilities will be to defend the Coalition, enact the government’s military policies abroad, foster activity for the region, and serve as a the military representative of the Coalition’s power and influence.

Defense of the Coalition should always remain the SPSF’s ultimate mission, even if it is not executed directly in the day-to-day orders.

I changed the final segment to reference its role as a military, although I am not fully convinced that “foster activity” and being “representative of the Coalition’s power” are necessary for inclusion in the Charter, if at all. Open to ideas and thoughts.


It sounds good, honestly

How would we separate the roles of the SPSF and the CRS in this context?

What separation are you envisioning? The CRS still has the power to declare a state of emergency and undertake “all necessary measures” to defeat a hostile invasion or coup d’etat. Charging the SPSF with the responsibility to defend the Coalition does not, to my eye, contradict that.

It wouldn’t mitigate the legal powers of the CRS by any means, but the defense of the Coalition itself is the responsibility of the CRS and the CRS has all of the legal prerogatives necessary to accomplish that task.

Ultimately, the SPSF being for “defense of the Coalition” would be ceremonial rather than practical, given all relevant powers – both mechanically and legally – rest with the CRS and CG.

That’s fine with me, ultimately I would rather have more ceremonial aspects be laid out in the Charter and reserve the finer details in other laws. Consider this amendment a step in that direction.

Do we want to motion this to a vote?

Indeed I do.

I move the above draft to a vote.


We are now at a vote!