[2347.AB] Handling citizen applications with no contact information

This is a pretty simple amendment to the Citizenship Act; sometimes we get citizenship applications with no (valid) contact information.

3. Citizenship Registrations


(4) Upon acceptance or denial of an application, the Citizenship Committee shall post the result (including a sufficient reason in case of denial) both in response to the application as well as per telegram to the applicant nation, if possible.


For me it’s better like this:

“or” makes this optional if it is decided that reasons should be issued privately.
Parentheses removed for aesthetic reasons.

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Would that “or” mean that an application could remain publicly unanswered, even if privately denied? If so, I’m not sure that’s the best course.

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Hm, yeah, what you said makes sense

The original proposal is good, tbh

Unless there is any further discussion or objection, I would move Pronoun’s original proposal to a vote.

I second it.

We are now at a vote!

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