[2345.AB] Change of Cabinet Office Names

Honestly, It feels like an answer in search of a problem

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If you’re going to make a point, I’d appreciate something besides “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
Besides, if this doesn’t have support, we’ll either never decide on any names, or this will get voted down. It’s pointless to end it here.

I’d much rather have “chancellor/secretary” than “coral chancellor/secretary”

Though, the the status quo doesn’t appear to be broken in my opinion.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing just Chancellor and Secretary.

So, equally important, is there any other documents I need to alter besides the Charter and the Elections Act (thanks again to Silvae for providing me with it)?

I would be sad to see our Westminster naming conventions go away, just to be replaced with some combo of German and American :frowning:


I mean, the original Westminster uses “Secretary of State for Silly Walks” vice “Minister of Silly Walks”, so it’s not insurmountable to switch to at least Secretary. Actually. . .

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Bear with me, I should have draft 2 done in the next couple days

Sorry for the wait, I’ve just been a bit busy and keep forgetting.

Anyway, keep the name changes as Secretary and Chancellor?

Over these past weeks, I have yet to produce a second draft of this bill. It has occurred to me that if I, the writer, cannot convince myself to do so simple a task, how can I expect anyone else to be invested in this?
Therefore, I request this discussion be closed. Leave this to whoever may next come along, as they’ll certainly be more committed to the idea than I have proved to be.

Thank you all for engaging in this discussion, I hope my next proposal proves to be more interesting.