[2344.CN] Nomination of Anjo (Tepertopia) to the Council on Regional Security

Mr. Chair and Members of the Assembly,

The Prime Minister and I, in accordance with our joint power under Article VIII, Section 5 of the Charter are most pleased to announce our joint nomination of @anjo (Tepertopia, in-game) to the Council on Regional Security.

The Prime Minister and I reached out to the Council on Regional Security for their consultation and approval, which we are pleased to say that they provided.

Anjo is a long-term member of the region and has proven their trustworthiness and reliability by holding several positions within the region. Anjo is currently a member of the Coral Guard and (at the time of submission) has the third-highest number of endorsements in the region, is a member of the Legislator Committee, and has been a member, citizen, and legislator of the Coalition for the last several years. Anjo is also my immediate predecessor as Delegate of the South Pacific, served as Chair of this august Assembly, and has been the Secretary/Director of the Office of World Assembly Legislation. Their commitment to the region, both in terms of willingness to serve and levels of activity, indicates that they can be a trusted safeguard for the region.

Anjo, the Prime Minister, the Council on Regional Security, and I are all standing by to answer any questions or comments the Assembly might have.


I think this is a reasonable and sensible appointment. Anjo stays generally aware of foreign and domestic goings-on, has a track record of service, engagement across all of our community platforms, and can kick a project in the butt which the CRS needs sometimes.

Plus, completing a year as Delegate without couping is a decent (not perfect, but decent) “are they a coup risk” indicator :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this can often be an implicit kind of thing — there are flashier things to list on a resume than “reading news from other regions” — but I do agree that it’s worth bringing up!

In that vein, Anjo, would you say you have any particular areas of interest or expertise that you’d bring to the CRS? I’m thinking along the lines that we have some CRS members who are more involved with the roleplay community, some who more regularly engage with the foreign affairs/gameplay landscape, etc.

Along those lines, I’d say mostly the WA. I’ve lurked in the WA forums pretty much since I was founded and have been responsible for TSP’s own WA presence via OWL for over a (non-continuous) year as Secretary/Director. Also, through my active writing of the OWL analyses/opinions during my entire time there and through my Delegacy, I think I’ve acquired a relatively good understanding of the WA, both public and “behind the scenes”.

:stuck_out_tongue: So fudgie’s the only perfect candidate for crs, having been delegate for four years?

If she ever becomes active again, I’d love to see it.

Motion to vote.


CN2307 | Nomination of anjo to the Council on Regional Security

The move to vote has been recognised, and legislators may cast their vote here.