[2331.AB] Inactive Assembly Topics Amendment

Rather than being notified each time the Chair has locked a topic for inactivity, I propose that we amend the Legislative Procedure Act to allow the threads to remain open and otherwise unarchived.

(6) Any bill, resolution, or amendment which has been inactive for more than one month may be considered defunct and archived at the discretion of the Chair. Any discussion, bill, resolution, amendment, or other topic within the Assembly Halls that have been inactive for more than one month and “grave dug” as determined by the Chair will be locked with no further posting allowed.

Given the original law says “at the discretion of the Chair”, it’s entirely possible that we don’t need to change the law at all, and instead petition @BlockBuster2K43 and @Cryo to simply stop locking topics.

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Given that this was the Chair’s de facto response to an indirect petition, I think amending is the way to go.

I’m willing to give the Chair some time to announce the specific policy moving forward before committing to an amendment.

Chair of the Assembly

I have presented a proposed policy change regarding topic closures to the Assembly for comment.

Pursuant to the aforementioned policy change, I am pleased with the changes made and hereby withdraw my amendment from further consideration pending the official implementation of the policy change.