[2325.AB] Repeal of the Political Parties Act

Greetings. I’d like to propose we repeal the Political Parties Act. I don’t think its continued existence on the books will do much to promote organized political activity, and if anything does evolve, we can have the discussion then regarding the need for legal recognition.

Perhaps what we need is more incentives for the creation of these parties, I, in particular, have never heard of this act. So I don’t know, honestly…

To be honest, in theory political parties can sound to some like a fun and interesting extra layer on top of what we already have, however, in practicality, political parties don’t have the same control and influence that can be expected when compared to RL governments and nations. For example, RL political parties can have their own agenda and then focus on several different aspects of a nation such as defence, economy, foreign affairs and so on, or how they want to govern when it comes to taxes, social services, education, etc. This is all very interesting to some, and may sound like a thrilling in-game aspect. But the true be told is that sadly NS and the South Pacific simply doesn’t have these same aspects of governance that exists in RL political environments. So some may argue that political parties may only really be good for embarking on projects within government ministries, attempting to block/limit legislation passing within the Assembly, or other thoughts and ideas that a party believes in or supports through NS itself. There are probably a few more aspects I’ve missed, but other than these few aspects that can be, I guess ‘controlled’ by a majority of people within a political party. Political parties can’t really do very much of what can be expected when compared to RL politics. This is just my own personal opinion and view on it, others may agree/disagree.


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Go further, ban them. NS political parties are awful.

The Charter guarantees the freedom of assembly, so banning political parties is out of the question, but I really doubt one would form anyways.

I oppose. If I want to exercise my right to establish a Defender Party and thereafter make TSP a one-party region, I shall.

I oppose. I view this as an excuse to try and encourage political activity in the coalition.

And. . . Encouraging political activity is something you don’t support?

You could exercise this right with the Charter’s built in freedom of assembly. What does this act allow you to do that you would not want to see get repealed?


I don’t support the abolition of perfectly good policies just for political activity.

In order for people to be aware of this “right”, perhaps a party could be created. But I understand that parties are “useless” in the TSP, so I don’t have a fully defined decision.

This question is directed toward the forum admin, but could we even give an approved party the designated sub forum and private area within discourse?

I recall some comment during the transition that there couldn’t be subforums within subforums; which means that the political party could be the same level as the Assembly and other government subforums?

I disagree that these are perfectly good policies. It’s duplicating the Charter’s guarantee of freedom of assembly in a general law, and adding an unnecessary weight to both our law books and admin team through a guarantee of a set of subforums. I don’t see where this is political activity for the sake of it, unless you can provide the argument that this law is fundamentally good to maintain, that I don’t see.

I’ve yet to hear any good arguments for why we need a Political Parties Act. In turn, the best argument for the uselessness of this law is the fact that it’s never used.

I move this to a vote.


We are now at a vote!

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This repeal was passed by the Assembly, and the debate thread is being closed per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 9.