[2324.AP] The Final Frontier

Well, we’ve been discussing this in #legislators-lounge, but I’ll just post this thread here to have a place to discuss whether the Coalition of the South Pacific should establish a frontier.

I think it could be a cool project to set up a Frontier which, eventually, becomes its own sovereign region that sees itself as a member of the Coalition - with the Coalition (of nations) of the South Pacific expanding to a Coalition of nations and regions of the South Pacific. That requires a lot of work, though, including law changes, infrastructure setup, etc.; but on the other hand, I think it’s the kind of project where a lot of people can be drawn in to contribute with much excitement.

In my opinion, we should let the meta develop a little and then scope out if it’s something where the cost/benefit equation fits the bill.

I remain convinced that if we have enough resources to support the establishment and continued maintenance of a separate region, those resources would be best spent supporting the success and community development of the South Pacific.

There was an existing discussion on the matter in the Private Halls. I’m fine with discussing community development in either place but our policy on frontiers ought to be discussed behind closed doors until it’s finalized.

Oh, I didn’t notice that