[2321.AB] The Discrimination Act

The Discrimination Act
a law to prevent discrimination in TsP

1.Outline of the act

  1. All discrimination will be outlawed in the Region. This does contain all discrimination whatever culture, religion, race or sex it is aimed at.

  2. The aim of this act is to create a happier and more welcoming community in TsP and will ensure that players feel comfortable in our RMB, Forums or Discord.

2. Clarifications

  1. Although this prevents Discrimination it does not remove ones right of opinion it just prevents them from publicly announcing it and using it against someone.

  2. Discrimination can be any form of Prejudice against any sort of Race, Culture, Religion, Sex or Sexual Preference.

3. Punishments

Anyone found to disobey this law will be forbidden of holding any government role or legislatorship and will be Arrested (mute) for however long the Justices deem necessary

Presented by The Kingdom of Osaacrio

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This is unnecessary - discrimination is something handled already by our Community Standards.

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Yes but by RP law we should clearly have it.

The Assembly is not for roleplay. You’re probably looking for the World Forum in the vast world of Pacifica. Plus, representatives from the Office of the Chair will properly add the bill tag in the title. I encourage you to look at our law archive and see some of the passed laws and ratified treaties from there.


I also concur with Maluhia on this matter. The Assembly is not the place for roleplay.

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By roleplay I believ I misworded it, as NationStates is a game where we all play a role as a government I believe it is realistic if we perform the same type of measure to stop discrimination.

Matters such as this aren’t a gameplay issue regulated by law, but a moderation issue regulated by the Community Guidelines.

I encourage you to take a look at what Belschaft said above.

I would rather matters like discrimination, which affects people in a very real way as opposed to the laws normally making their way through the Assembly, be handled by moderation where there is no delay due to courts, politics, and bureaucracy.

Closed due to inactivity per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 6.