[2315.CN] Appointment of Purple Hyacinth to the Legislator Committee

Greetings to the Assembly,

In accordance with Article 1, Section 2 of the Legislator Committee Act, the Cabinet hereby appoints @flowerpetal to the Legislator Committee, and presents this to the Assembly for their approval.

In past roles, Hya has demonstrated administrative competence, sound judgement, and security consciousness. She served three successful terms as Chair of the Assembly, a term as Prime Minister, and is currently an Officer of the SPSF. Combined, these roles hit on all of the competencies the Committee desires from its members. One potential concern is that Hya entered periods of inactivity during her tenure as Chair and Prime Minister. However, these were largely due to external circumstances that are unlikely to repeat. Additionally, LegComm’s multi-member structure means it allows for inactivity rotations from individual members, as long as they are available at other times to handle application workload. Purple Hyacinth is over 18.

The Cabinet is standing by to answer any questions.


I motion this appointment to a vote.

I second.

HumanSanity and anjo have each visited the forum on 89 days in the past three months, while you’ve visited on 45 days. Do you feel you’ll be able to step up if other LegComm members go through busy periods IRL?

Sorry if this question feels nitpicky — checking the forum every other day is perfectly reasonable! But I wanted to briefly ask just in case, given LegComm has had some recent history with inactive members.

Sorry also for the late timing on this question!

I would also be interested in hearing a response, consider my motion… withdrawn.

I’d also like to hear a response. I withdraw my motion.

Thanks for the question! Part of the reason why I don’t check the forum often is that I don’t really have much reason to–I currently lack interest in things like legislating or executive discussions. However, I am pretty chronically online in general and knowing I have LegComm responsibilities would mean that I would check the forum more often.


Motion to vote. (We’ll see if anyone else pops out with a last-minute question this time, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:)


Sorry for the delay. I’m creating a voting thread as we speak.

We are now at a vote!

Click Me!

This appointment/nomination was passed by the Assembly, and the debate thread is being closed per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 9.