[2303.AB] The Purge Act

A modest proposal for preventing the inactive legislators from being a burthen to the Assembly or Region.

The Purge Act

Noting that there are at present one hundred registered members of the Assembly yet only 32% of them voted on the most recent substantive matter;

Convinced that the cause of this is the long period since the Assembly has carried out two or more votes in one month, the minimum required for the Chair of the Assembly and Legislator Committee to carry out a purge of inactive legislators;

Aware that a vote on a non-binding resolution would be sufficient to meet this threshold, regardless of whether it passes;

Resolved that the Assembly of the Coalition of the South Pacific:

(1) Adopts The Purge Act.

Fixed that for you. ^

Perhaps including a mechanism within the Act to allow it to be invoked (and voted on) again would be worthwhile as well.

We can just vote on repealing it if we ever find ourselves needing to conduct a fresh purge - the act doesn’t actually do anything, its the act of voting on it which does.

I’d vote against this but that would be pointless. It’s one thing if people fail the activity requirement, but why force people to fail the activity requirement if it wouldn’t happen naturally? No one is benefited by removing a bunch of legislators. This is just anti-integration “oh let’s kick some people, that’ll fix our problems” thinking instead of “hey, has anyone DMd the people who aren’t voting to ask them if they have thoughts on proposals that they’d like to share? How do we get these people more involved?”

I don’t have any problem with someone doing that and holding off the Purge for now.

Closed due to inactivity per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 6.