[2244.AB] Another Potential Amendment to the Cultural Act

A hibiscus is not only a majestical plant but also a cultural importance in many IRL South Pacifican places. Oh, and did I forget to mention: they’re beautiful! There is nothing not to like about a hibiscus!

The Cleveland Clinic (a highly trusted health information source) tells me that hibiscuses have antioxidants which destroy harmful molecules posing a threat to your internal systems. That’s pretty helpful (and nice of these innocent flowers). So, here it is:

Cultural Act: An act outlining the customs of the South Pacific

(9) The official flower of the region is the Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinesis).

feedback is welcomed :grinning:

Much like the other amendment, I’m not sure I see the point in dictating what our culture should be. If it hasn’t already arisen organically then it doesn’t sit well with me to artificially mandate it via law.

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Closed due to inactivity per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 6.