[2243.AB] Turning OWL into a Ministry

The Assembly,

Below is a proposal that would turn OWL, the Office of World Assembly Legislation, into a Ministry. We can still call it OWL, this just makes it an elected office rather than one which is appointed by the Prime Minister (this does not mean we don’t have faith in our Cabinet, because we do).

(4) The Office of World Assembly Legislation will be an permanent executive office elected Ministry, which will be led by a Director Minister, responsible for coordinating the Coalition’s activities in the World Assembly, providing assistance in drafting resolutions, and issuing voting recommendations on World Assembly proposals. At the start of each Cabinet term, the Director will be appointed by the Prime Minister for a term coinciding with the Cabinet’s. In any vacancy, a new Director will be appointed by the Prime Minister to serve the remainder of the term.

And a question: I believe this is in the Charter, so does this have to be in the GC threads? Or can it just be an Assembly matter?

All feedback is welcomed.

I’m also still a bit torn on what to call this body. An office? Ministry? Keep the name?

A year ago, I would’ve supported this. Today, I don’t. OWL just needs to be managed effectively, so the Prime Minister can appoint someone to do it. The Director holds no decision-making capacity on their own, so the idea they must hold their own democratic mandate is unpersuasive. If voters want a change in OWL, they can bring it to the Prime Minister, and hold the PM accountable in Cabinet elections if they want a change in OWL’s direction.

Furthermore, you have presented a text without any reasoning. What is your argument in favor of this proposal?

My apologies on this front. I was in a rush at that time and had to do something. However, I’m back now.

OWL has seen some problems with activity (now that was more during the summer). I recall anjo telling me after I joined the body that “it’s only been me and Moon here for the past few weeks.” Symbolizing that no one was really active on OWL’s Discord channels besides the Director themselves (anjo) and Moon.

However, some of those problems actually have been slightly fixed. For me, as one who receives the WA Update Ping, I see a lot who makes the discussions for resolutions and the Discord recos too. Which is good.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s spectacular. For me, when I decided to truly delve into this region’s political atmosphere, I really did not understand two things. One was a bit minor, it was just about the Coral Guard or something. However, the other one was about OWL. I didn’t get it. Was it a Ministry? Elected office? Appointed position? Or something else…?

Yes, OWL needs to be handled effectively. And if the elected Legislator has not been handling the body effectively, well, we can recall them.

“OWL is inactive” is not a reason to make it a Ministry. OWL would be no more active if it had an elected Minister, nor less. Other Ministries (namely Engagement and formerly Media and Culture) have been as, if not more, inactive in recent memory. Activity in a Ministry is tied to competent and dedicated leadership and has little to do with whether the Minister is appointed or elected.

Well, I would tell young maluhia to consider reading the Charter, since it’s actually pretty straight forward on how OWL is an appointed position. Or you could ask. “I was confused about this before” is not a reason to change our government.

Why does OWL need to be a ministry?

I support the idea of having a WA-focused Ministry. However, OWL in its current form as an almost purely administrative body does not really merit being made into a Cabinet post.

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To add onto this, we would have to amend the World Assembly Act to make a WA Ministry a reasonable idea. The current WA Act limits the actual discretion of OWL’s Director to only vote processing, which isn’t something that requires an electoral mandate to conduct. If we wanted OWL to promote WA literacy, actually fight for our interests in the WA, and make strategic decisions about our WA votes, then it would be worth making it a Ministry with its own democratic accountability. As it is now, by law, it’s an administrative body.

Potentially unpopular opinion, but I’m not sure I agree. If anything I’d question why those literacy projects are not being run by the MoE and those strategic decisions are not being made by the MoFA.

An answer in theory: I honestly think that works, especially as FA and WA considerations are so heavily intertwined to the point of not being distinguishable (in the SC at least).

An answer in practice: “Minister of Engagement” is the consistently lowest performing member of Cabinet and FA already does weigh in on important SC votes.

This proposal has been withdrawn from serious discussion however feel free to discuss this general topic.

My attitude was summed up by HS; though I don’t agree with their reasons for being against this proposal, at least not entirely.

The vast majority of our community expressed an agreement that the PM should be a Head of Government within TSP henceforth having the same duties and responsibilities a Head of Government has. ( Community support shown by votes in favour of the change ).
Another agreement expressed by the vast majority within our community has also been the PM-appointed cabinet ( et al as above ).

My opinion on the matter is that, since most others support this arrangement, including myself, though only partially [*]; If the PM finds that it is necessary or that it would be more efficient to have a ministry for WA, the process should be initiated by whoever is incumbent PM.

[*] HOWEVER, I believe that the World Assembly & whichever official body attached to it in TSP should be the duty and responsibility of The Delegate. Numerous in-game mechanics serve as reasons for this (From “Delegate voted For/Against” being shown before you vote yourself to The Delegate being a focal point for regional influence and endorsements, etc.) but I do not see the status quo of OWL as inefficient, as such it should not be expected of me to put forth drafts on changing it, at least for the time being.

Closed due to inactivity per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 6.