[2242.AB] Amendment to the Cultural Act

Greetings to the Assembly.

In the interests of our sober and younger members of the Coalition, I would like to introduce an amendment to the Cultural Act that includes a non-alcoholic version of our beloved South Pacific Iced Tea.

Reminds me of when I was young and naïve and thought SPIT was literally just tea.

Good times.

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As much as I enjoy the idea of an official drink that I am legally allowed to drink, I don’t think we should be codifying something that isn’t already a part of TSP culture.

I don’t drink alcohol (sober-ish reasons). However, we don’t really need an official non-alcoholic drink. Though, I like the general idea — the Cultural Act is definitely a place for potential amendments to be added.

I am dropping this proposal from serious consideration.

I understand, however, could you tell us why is that so?

For the record, a non-alcoholic version still needs to be blue-greenish. Blue curacao syrup exists and it’s just an orange flavored simple syrup.


Closed due to inactivity per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 6.