2024 Keanu and Hurley Men’s Rugby Union World Cup (OOC)

Hello. This is the sign up sheet for the 2024 Keanu and Hurley Men’s Rugby World Cup.

Please let me know if you would like your nation to enter, and their nickname if they have one.
Seeding into groups will be based on the 2021 men’s rugby World Cup.

The following nations were in the last World Cup and are seeded.

  1. Izaakia (Sharks)
  2. Anserisa (Geese) - Assumed Re-entry due to reaching final despite being inactive.
  3. Brodlancia (Musketeers)
  4. Techganet (Royals) - Assumed Re-entry due to reaching 3rd place final despite being inactive.
  5. Kosbareland (The Man’s in Blue) - Inactive
  6. Sedunn (Tivusled)
  7. Montacia (All Blacks)
  8. Frost Empire
  9. Mauquibie - Inactive
  10. Stoinia (Red Rhinos)
  11. Sallodesia (Kyboks)
  12. Hazelia (Forest Panthers)
    @Qwert @Frost @Maverick @LordGianni can you confirm if you would like to enter the 2024 World Cup.

Everyone else please let me know if you’d like to enter, ideally I’d like either 16 or 20 teams. (In exact numbers over 16 or 20 will result in playoffs with unseeded nations.

Current teams,

  1. Hosts - Keanu and Hurley
  2. Izaakia
  3. Anserisa
  4. Brodlancia
  5. Techganet
  6. Montacia
  7. Ryccia
  8. Valora
  9. Tigon (Ryccia)
  10. Vrigny
  11. Hazelia
  12. Sedunn
  13. Transsuneria
  14. Ikoania
  15. Mitallduk
  16. Krauanagaz
  17. Yttria
  18. Emerald
  19. Akarina
  20. Stoinia
  21. Sallodesia
  22. Valkyria
  23. Hystaiga
  24. Frost Empire
  25. Eflad
  26. Myria
  27. N&GB
  28. Aberstopia
  29. Kalinskia
  30. Besern
  31. Fauderland

Nations/regions entering:

  • Ryccia
  • Valora
  • State of Tigon
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Let’s do this:

Vrigny (Lekdraks)
You could also nickname them as (Blooddragons) if you’d prefer.

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Hazelia will participate again


Sedunn (due to the new climate, a new nickname is needed: Tannro’led - meaning [the] Alligators)

In case there’s a need for an additional team, you can add Transsuneria (but they aren’t meant to be good at all…)

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Scoring System

Game scores will be decided by 3 roles of the dice for each team, there is no bonus for form.

The first role will decide the number of tries scored, and each number is worth 5 points. For example, if you rolled 4 you would get 20 points.

The second role will decide the number of times you’ve successfully completed a conversion from a try. These are worth two points, however are limited to the number from the first role. For example if you rolled a 5 you would get 10 points, unless the first role was a 4, in which case the maximum you could get is 8 points.

The third role is for Penalties and Drop Kicks, these are worth 3 points. So if you roll a 3 you would get 9 points.

Group Stage Points System
Each group will have 3 or 4 teams, and there will either be 4 groups if there are 16 or 20 teams, or 8 groups if there are 24 or 32 teams. Any number of applicants outside these 4 numbers will result in a playoff between teams that did not compete in 2021.

In the event of a win, the winning team will get 4 points* in the group.
In the event of a draw, both teams will get 2 points* in the group.
In the event of a loss, the losing team will get 0 points** in the group.

  • if any team scores more than 4 tries, then they will get 1 bonus point in the group.
    ** if a team loses by less than 7 points, they will get a bonus point in the group

Ikoania will be participating.
Ikoania (Shields)


I’ll enter:

Mitallduk - Confederates

Krauanagaz - Sailors


Sure, this sounds like fun

Yttria (Mountaineers)


I’ll Also Enter

Emerald - Starhawks


I think this will be fun

Akarina - Raptors

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Stoinia & Sallodesia will be participating as well


The Valkyrian team (Wolves) will participate. Hystaiga too, if needed.


The Frost team (Tempest) will also participate


The Efladian National Team will participate!


Closing day on Friday,


Besern will participate, through the small-but-recognised Besernian Rugby Association.
The group, made up of players throughout the Tholisian region, with a generous contribution of fellow interestees from the State of Nordfhrient will compete under the nickname “the Writers of Nordfhrient”.

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If possible, Nicholas and Great Britain will be competing.
Aberstopia and Kalinskia will also be competing.

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Myria will return, Kliegme will not(no official team)

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2 more vacancies