2022 SPSF Year-End Report

SPSF Year-End Report: 2022

The South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF) maintains a commitment to resolute, principled military excellence in service of the Coalition. Throughout the course of this past year, the Special Forces have maintained that commitment in standing firm against raider aggression across NationStates and staying true to its motto chosen by South Pacificans in 2017, lux, veritas, virtus — light, truth, virtue. In the course of its operations, the Special Forces have brought light to regions blackened by the marks of occupying forces, stayed true to the democratic principles of the Coalition, and brought those virtues to their determination on the battlefield.

This year, the Special Forces fielded 94 unique updaters across 478 updates. In the course of these operations, Special Forces personnel conducted 3,844 defenses, 4,423 detags, 38 liberations, and 46 sieges.

As the year comes to a close, it also comes time to recognize those members of the military who achieved particular heights.


Congratulations to the SPSF, and especially those who received a medal (or two)!

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Congrats @Pronoun, @flowerpetal, and @Klysevia!