[2 BBT] The Rascal Incident

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Gesitis System
Hyperion Sector, Stoinian Star Kingdom

 HMS Little Rascal was on standard survey mission in the northern region of the Stoinian Star Kingdom. The newly claimed star systems still needed to be more intensively surveyed. Although the Little Rascal, under command of Captain Ovidiu Popa, had served well during the Mardakii campaign for such a small Falcon-class, he and his crew weren’t quite accustomed with these survey missions. He was a short man from Muntenia, though that fact could easily be heard by a thick Muntenian accent. He also lacked any sort of interstellar curiosity, which the other officers from the Exploratory Fleets had an abundance of.
 - “Jeff, anything out there?” Captain Popa said out of boredom while standing behind the man.
 - “Nothing out of the ordinary, Sir. So how you holding up?”
 - “Hell, I think I might just shoot myself in the head. This is quite the death penalty for me, Jeff. There’s barely any action, except for the sparring rooms. I always was a man of action you know. Back on Muntenia, when I was just a little troublemaker, my grandmother always used to …”
 A beep could be heard from Jeff’s console. Attracting both men.
 - “What is it, Lieutenant?”
 - “I’m picking something up.” He paused for a few moments, rechecking the readings “Sir, it’s an energy surge unlike anything we have ever seen. The databanks don’t show any match of any kind.”
 A different beep started.
 - “Detecting a power signature … Bearings, one-six-three bearing seven-two-niner.”
 - “Helm lay in a course for bearings, one-six-three bearing seven-two-niner. Punch it.”
 Helm plotted the course and immediately punched the impulse drive. HMS Little Rascal was rapidly making course for the unknown signature.
 - “Well, Ovi. I think your grandmother would still call you a troublemaker after she hears about this.” Jeff said with a smug tone.
 He gave a small punch to Jeff’s shoulder and smiled. “Oh I just hope I won’t get beaten for this.” He then took a seat on his Command chair. It was now a potential First Contact situation and the Cole Protocol had to be followed.
 - “Com, go to yellow alert. Let’s see what just came in our backyard.”

Unidentified Planet, Unknown
Definitely not the Ryccian Empire

 - “Why in the stars did it take so long?”
 Admiral Kavle Sanross was confused. His fleet was supposed to jump to the Murtel system before going on a border patrol. However, the hyperspace journey had taken a considerable amount of time. He was not even certain if the Ryccian Empire knew they were alive.
 An officer began to speak, bringing light as to why this trip was so odd.
 - “Sir, our scanners indicate that we are on the Murtel system. Our engineers have indicated that we were travelling in circles this entire time due to a malfunction”
 - “So that was it…Prepare to send a message to Daonlathas. I shall report to the Naval High Command”
 A ship approached. No person in the crew recognized it. Perhaps it was some large cargo freighter from a backwater? …No, it could not be.
 - “Sir, a ship is approaching”
 - “Scan the ship. Quickly”
 The scan confirmed the Admiral’s fears. Why was there a civilian ship with military design and weaponry?
 Pirates. They got a military company to manufacture this ship for some reason. Corruption in The Imperial Rim is really something.
 - “Sir, we have detected military-grade armaments on the ship, and our databanks do not recog-”
 - “Open fire! Disable that vessel immediately!”
 The Resurgent-class Sword of Justice began to fire its turbolaser batteries at this unknown ship. The escort cruisers and corvettes sat there, as the aim was to disable the ship, not destroy it, so they did not need to engage. Thinking they were still in Ryccian territory due to the ship’s faulty computers, they did not hesitate. After all, this could be a dangerous pirate gang. They must be arrested, and then eliminated.
 - “Send a message to the ship. I shall speak”
 - “Yes, sir”
 The communications link was open. The Sword of Justice began to transmit a message, in English, to this warship.
 - “This is Admiral Kavle Sanross of the Ryccian Imperial Navy. You are being detained for the illegal possession of a military-grade warship. Your ship is being disabled. Do not resist either our attack or our boarding party, or we shall use lethal force”
 This was a monumental error. One the Ryccian fleet was not aware of. After all, their damaged computers tell them they are somewhere in the Murtel system, an uninhabited area in The Imperial Rim. To the Ryccians, it was executing protocol. But what would it be to the Stoinians?
 - “Shields up, full red alert!” Captain Popa shouted and sirens could be heard all over the ship.
 - “Tactical fire all weapons systems.” Soon the entire crew opened fire, missiles, plasma and disruptor cannons were fired. These weapons did nothing but scratch the shields a bit to the hostile vessel.
 The Little Rascal was hit. Somehow structural integrity was badly damaged and shields were half their capacity. There were small fires all over the ship. Captain Popa had heard the message, but with the monitoring screen being damaged, only audio was available. These imperialists proclaimed that this was their territory? Absurd! Popa knew what he had to do and so did his crew.
 - “Just who the hell do these people think they are?” He pushed a button on his chair, contacting engineering. “Chief, you there?”
 - “Aye Sir, just what the hell are we facing?”
 - “Some Xeno perpetrators. Chief, listen carefully. I want you to divert power to the MAC Cannon and engines from life support and also do that to the grav plating in one minute.”
 - “But Sir, without those …”
 - “That’s and order!”
 - “Yes, Sir!”
 Another hit, the ship was in a bad shape. The left engine was beginning to fail. Captain Popa knew his time had come, but he would go down fighting.
 - “Shields at ten percent! Hull breaches on decks four through seven!”
 - “Send a distress signal to Deep Space Two, inform an enemy vessel has come to claim our territory. And open a ship wide transmission.”
 He took a deep breath, but he assured himself it’s the right thing to do.
 - “This is the Captain speaking. We will go zero g in a few moments, so grab something. I know we are in a bad shape, but some aliens have come to claim our territory. This is what we signed up for, it’s our duty to the King and Mankind! To Glory in death! Hail to Mankind! Hail to the Stoinian Star Kingdom! Hail to the King!” All over the ship an eerie silence could be felt. They finally had to pay the price they signed up for and now they sure as hell were going to pay it.
 He then turned towards the helm and tactical.
 - “Helm give me ramming speed! Tactical divert all powers to the MAC Cannon!” He looked at the monitors, but not in fear. Instead they all chose their fate, he could feel it. The crew was ready for it. The last push to serve Stoinia and Mankind.
 The ship’s grav plating had been shut down as did all the other non-essential systems. All power was now going to the MAC Cannon and engines. The MAC Cannon fired its round at a pace the crew didn’t think was possible. It was getting closer towards the main ship, but it still was far away. Memory wipes of the databanks had begun as per the Cole Protocol.

Deep Space Two
Hyperion Sector, Stoinian Star Kingdom

 High Admiral Pavel Chekov look at the message from Little Rascal. Unbelievable another xeno species, this short while the King was away. He immediately turned to the com officer.
 - “Lieutenant, inform Fleet Division Twelve to come with me towards the Little Rascal’s last location. We may have a war on our hands.”
 A few moments later the fleet jumped to warp it will only be a few hours until they arrive at the Gesitis System, which probably would become the Little Rascal’s grave by the time they arrived. He didn’t know Captain Popa himself, but he knew he was a man of action and would go down fighting. The question remained, who killed him?

Unidentified Planet, Unknown
Definitely Not the Ryccian Empire

 - “Concentrate fire on that ship! All cruisers and corvettes, open fire!”
 The Ryccian fleet was surprised. This pirate gang was suicidal! What is this, some frenzied charge? Most of the time, pirates surrender or just stop fighting. Never in a million systems has the Admiral ever encountered this lunatic charge.
 The Resurgent-class kept sending messages to the ship to cease, but nothing dissuaded them. This fanatical pirate vessel…the Ryccian fleet had no choice.
 As it raced towards its final gambit, firing that cursed cannon, the Sword of Justice stopped it. Forever. It was now a million pieces.
 - “…Sir, the enemy vessel has been destroyed”
 - “What was that…Contact the Naval High Command, immediately”
 - “Sir, the enemy weapons damaged our long-range communications systems. Our engineers estimate that it will be repaired soon”
 - “Blast those pirates…very well then, get me a shuttle. I shall contact them from a cruiser”
 The Admiral began to walk to the elevator, but an officer ran to interrupt him. He was of Vurbentan origin, but his accent was not usual of that race. He came from elsewhere.
 - “Sir! Please see this!”
 - “What is it, Lieutenant? Why do you show me a planet in your holopad?”
 - “I was looking at our scanners by curiosity, and I zoomed in to the nearest planet in this system. This isn’t Murtel”
 - “How do you know this? It could be a minor planet in orbit not registered in our databanks. After all, Murtel is a backwater system”
 - “Sir, I can surely say that this isn’t a planet from Murtel. The moon of Akgroys, orbiting the planet of Murtel proper, is my home”
 - “…You” Kavle ordered to an officer “Get me the Fleet High Command and cancel my shuttle, immediately. Lieutenant, you shall come with me”
 Both men said “Yes, sir”
 The High Command of the Fleet gathered in the Star Destroyer. The top commanding officers of all the ships were there, either in person or by hologram. The Admiral began the reunion in the meeting room.
 - “Members of the High Command, Lieutenant Akgraar, an officer from Murtel, has told me that this is not the Murtel system. His identification bar confirms his origins”
 - “Why is this of importance?”, objected the Captain of the Cruiser Holy Light, George Thurmay “I had believed there was a more imperative reason for this meeting rather than a mechanical failure. I do suggest that you order the engineers to fix the computers”
 - “I agree with Thurmay”, said the Kaminoan Vice Admiral Gan Chiet “This is a waste of our time”
 - “If the ship we faced was normal, I would be inclined to concur, Captain Thurmay. In fact, I already ordered them to fix it again”, said the Admiral “However, the enemy was a fanatical one, and I fear that our hyperspace computer actually led us to a world off the boundaries of the Empire”
 - “Preposterous!”, Thurmay once again objected “Those were human pirates. Our ships conducted a bioscan, and we detected the signal. It is, with absolute certainty, the English language, spoken by humans. How could we not be in Ryccian territory?”
 - “I do not know the reason this has happened, Captain. But all the signs indicating the possibility that the computer leading us to foreign lands are there. Think of it: we cannot even contact the Murtel planetary authorities, and these pirates were fiercely hostile”
 - “The communications of the Star Destroyer are damaged, Admiral”, countered Thurmay once more “Those thugs did that to the vessel. Perhaps this hostile gang attacked the local settlements and desperately fought to the end to hide their crimes? Murtel does apply the death penalty, according to our records. Am I accurate in my assertion, Lieutenant?”
 - “Yes, sir”, said Leukink Akgraar “But that is not a planet from my home system”
 - “Lieutenant, perhaps you were not aware. By this comment, I do not mean to call you stupid, however. I myself have recently learned that a minor, obscure planet orbited my home system. Many may not know of these planets that have no importance whatsoever”
 - “This meeting is not pointless, but there is a faster route to end this: we must contact Daonlathas at once, Admiral”, said the female Velpan Captain Furstelin Purchanout “I offer my cruiser, the Solace, to send a message”
 - “Very well, I sha-”
 - An officer came bursting into the room, screaming.
 - “Admiral, a lot of ships are appearing before our fleet! They are of the same design as our previous enemy!”
 - “…You heard her, to your stations!”
 The Admiral was right. But it had to be like this. Sometimes, being wrong is a blessing.
 In the deck, the Admiral began to bark orders.
 - “Shields at maximum power! Have all weapons ready! Activate all troops!”

 High Admiral Chekov and his Fleet Division arrived several hours later. They numbered 146 ships in total maintaining a diamond formation with the bigger ships in the back and the destroyers up front. They were ready for anything right now. Gun ports were open, but it was too soon to lock on to the enemy. The Fleet Division was approximately half an AU away, but approached it at one quarter impulse.
 He sat in his command chair onboard the HMS Azhdaya, a Basilisk-class dreadnought. He then relayed a message on all known frequencies in multiple Terran languages.
 - “This is High Admiral Pavel Andreyevich Chekov of the Stoinian Star Kingdom. You have entered our territory in the Gesitis System. We hold you responsible for the destruction of the HMS Little Rascal. We give you the chance to state your intentions within ten of our minutes. Failure to do so will further ratify your actions as an act of war against the Stoinian Star Kingdom and Mankind itself. We have our experiences with First Contact Wars, do not tempt us.”

High Admiral Chekov

 With the message, files were sent consisting time details and imagery of Stoinians hunting Mardakii and the Butchering of Velutaria. A show of force and the Stoinian Lion’s wrath.
 The High Admiral turned to his crew.
 - “Anything that survived on the Little Rascal?”
 - “Nothing, Sir. It looks like they went down fighting.”
 Chekov made a cross sign and tilted his head towards the roof and whispered.
 - “May you receive them all.”
 - “Relay this to the Fleet: maintain formation and keep weapons hot. Keep our current acceleration.”
 Chekov then stood up from his chair and stood in front of it. The typical militaristic posture, the chin high up and his arms behind his back. He shook his uniform checking if everything was in place and then proceeded to take his white beret off and put it under his right epaulet. He awaited a response from the perpetrators though he really liked the odds he was having.

 Humans? Why? And how? Humans only existed in Ryccia…right?
 In any case, these Stoinians must understand. But if they shall not, this would be their last stand.
 - “This is Admiral Kavle Sanross of the Ryccian Imperial Navy, the naval branch of the Ryccian Empire. Our computers malfunctioned horribly and we had believed we were still on our own territory. We decided to fire upon this Little Rascal you speak of, as we believed they were dangerous pirates. We apologize, this was an error”
 High Admiral Chekov couldn’t believe his eyes. The hostile vessel was Terran?! This certainly will test the current Stoinian protocols and directives regarding First Contact. Though he was excited and enraged at the same time. They had finally found their Terran brethren, but what was the cost? These Ryccians had committed an act of war and the Admiral sure as hell was going to show them his sword. He sure was determined to find out more about what happened.
 - “High Admiral Chekov here. I request an audience with Admiral Kavle Sanross on board his ship. I hope you have a decent explanation for your actions. Send us your docking procedures, we will arrive in seven T-minutes”
 The High Admiral proceeded towards his shuttle with a full marine detachment of twelve men. The shuttle was also escorted by two full squadrons of Star Furies. The rest of the fleet still approached at one quarter impulse. During the flight, Chekov was contacted by the King Himself. He had received new orders from the King Himself.
 - “Lower defenses on Docking Bay A-1, and send fighters! Do not fire on that shuttle, and contact it!..When you dock, I shall be there. Our guards shall escort us to a meeting room in our Star Destroyer. Please arrive on the designated docking bay, which the TIE Fighters shall direct you to. I request that you do not fire upon them”
 The shuttle was arriving. The Admiral was there personally to receive this foreign military officer. It was High Admiral Chekov, yes?
 - A line of stormtrooper infantry stood there in honour guard formation. Kavle was there, flanked by two Imperial Military Guards. The mood was tense, and the Admiral was nervous, but determined to face this trial.

A Ryccian Imperial military Guard

 The Concord shuttle passed the hostile formation, the marines were in awe of the ship designs. It had a certain taste to it that they liked. The shuttle landed according to the instructions. Though the Star Furies Squadrons had stopped earlier and were keeping an eye on the Ryccian vessels from a distance, though no further contact was made with the Ryccians. However their protocols were followed. As soon as the door came down, marines came outside and formed two lines. Between them the High Admiral came forward with his hand on his sword, he was furious. His big old menacing look even scared some marines, despite him being of a short stature. He stopped two meters from Admiral Sanross and then drew his sword and pointed it at the Admiral in a rather slow manner as to not provoke the Ryccians. However the Ryccian guards didn’t agree. Nonetheless Chekov didn’t show any sign of fear, knowing his marines had his back. A quick intervention by Admiral Sanross with a small hand gesture quickly disposed of the Ryccian Guards’ weapons.
 - “Admiral let this be clear. If you were not Terran I would have slit your throat with this sword. You are lucky that you are Terran, for if you were any sort of xeno scum … I think I made myself clear.”
 He sheathed his sword and looked around for a bit. What were they? Did the Ryccian Admiral have xenos under his command? As equals or as slaves? Suddenly High Admiral Chekov could feel a disgust growing in his stomach. He then returned towards the Admiral.
 - “Had my vessel not been destroyed, I would have shaken your hand as an equal. But you have proven otherwise. Let it be noted that destroying a vessel of the Stoinian Star Kingdom is still considered to be an act of war, though I don’t quite know your “Ryccian” customs and procedures. Let’s not waste any time now, I received orders from my King.”
 He did a hand sign to the marines and two followed him and the Admiral towards the meeting room. Though there were chairs, High Admiral Chekov opted to stand up behind the chair designated to him. His two bodyguards stood behind him, adding to his menacing look.
 Even now, Kavle was still in shock. Everyone was. This is a human? Outside of Ryccia? Were these like the Mandalorians who had fled Ryccian rule and established their own culture far away? Was that old history of thousands of years ago missing a group of escapees?
  And why did he call humans “Terran”? Was their capital named Terra? And why do they call themselves Stoinians then? So many questions…
 - “Greetings, High Admiral Chekov. I shall explain what happened to our fleet”
 - “We were directed towards a system in our territory when our computer malfunctioned. Our engineers had initially believed that we were going in circles, and thus we thought we were still in Ryccian territory, as our systems indicated this to be certain”
 - “We were about to communicate to our Navy when the Little Rascal approached us. As we still were under the impression that we stood on Ryccian space, we immediately opened fire to disable the ship, board it with our marines and arrest the crew, as it is illegal for non-military entities in the Ryccian Empire to own or operate such vessels”
 - “We had believed that these were pirates, but then, in our horror and confusion, the Little Rascal resisted fiercely, even getting closer in a suicidal charge to attack this Star Destroyer. Despite our continued calls for them to cease hostilities, they marched on, and thus we were forced to destroy them”
 - “I offer my apologies for this unfortunate incident. Your men fought bravely, High Admiral Chekov. Had we known these were not Ryccians and this was not our territory, we would have left immediately”

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 High Admiral Chekov let it sink in for a moment, he still was furious. He calmed himself down and turned towards the Admiral.
 - “Very well Admiral. I understand your situation. However this has quickly spiralled out of control, so much that the King Himself has intervened.”
 He laid a datapad on the table after he tapped some more words on it.
 - “Given that you are fellow Terrans, the King has overruled standard protocol regarding First Contact. Instead of a war between us, he has requested that I be put in charge of further negotiations. These are my terms, accept them and we won’t have any more Terran blood on our hands.”
 He then looked around the room spotting some more xenos.
 - “Now I would also like an explanation for the presence of these xenos.”

Terms for Forgiveness:

  • Admiral Kavle Sanross personal resignation out of guilt and status as a compromised command. His military honours will remain intact however. Note that under Stoinian law his penalty is death by spacing. Recognise that this is His Majesty’s good grace for Terrans.

  • An official apology by the Ryccian Government, preferably by the head of government or someone who holds a similar high position.

  • A Terran exclusive Resurgentclass Star Destroyer will be inaugurated as the Spirit of the Rascal in the Ryccian Imperial Navy as an eternal honour for the lost ship and crew. This requires a new ship to be build within the next five Tmonths or a vessel be renamed. The necessary procedures to start this must be fulfilled within the specified time.

  • Failure to fulfil all of the above within 48 hours will result in the ratification of Admiral Kavle Sanross’ actions as an act of war and as such a declaration of one against the Stoinian Star Kingdom. Note that if there were no Terrans at head of your government our states would already be at war.

 - “Well, I was going to retire in 5 years, but I guess this came early”, Kavle thought.
 The Admiral found these terms to be acceptable. Besides, the building of a new Resurgent-class would help boost military spending and modernize his cherished navy. If he was going to retire, it might as well be adding strength to the navy. But…human-exclusive? That would not do.
 - “…I find these terms to be agreeable, except one that I shall touch on shortly. But I am not the official designated for these matters. The Ryccian Senate and Congress shall need to call an emergency session to approve them”
 - “Now, regarding the Human-exclusive crew requirement of a new Star Destroyer…that would never pass one of the two legislative chambers, perhaps it could not even be brought to vote. We used to be like you, the Stoinians, for thousands of years, but a millenia ago, the Democratic Revolution happened, a war that profoundly and eternally altered Ryccian values. The high level of humanocentric racism the Empire had was replaced with the belief that races, no matter their origin, were equal under the law, and that we need to judge every single rational being by their actions and character, not their species. That is a belief so widespread that racism is a microscopic, if not non-existant ideology anymore, and thus why even aliens serve as equals in my crew”
 - “I am no expert on politics, but I believe no Ryccian politician would never, ever vote for such a demand. It would simply be both political and character suicide for anyone. If we desire to avoid war, I do hope you understand my predicament”
 - “What do you mean all xenos equal under law? That is simply impossible!”
  He smacked his fist unto table, revealing a small crack.
 - “Were you there when our first colonists were eaten and ripped apart by the Mardakii?! Do you know what it is when your species is being eaten by monstrosities? We were shaped by these war against xeno scum, it made us stronger and what we are. We are Stoinians, meaning those of a courageous heart and stoic in nature! Not all xenos can be put under the same law. And before you give me another one of those extremely progressive speeches, let me tell you that we value honour and discipline. We have another species within our nation, the Csin. They helped us in purging the Mardakii in a recent campaign. We know who we can trust and who not! We live be the old Darwinian rule called survival of the fittest, have you forgotten these rules for Terra’s sake?!”
 He let out a sigh and calmed himself. He regained his composure.
 - “Given that you are the first Terran star nation we have encountered, we will overlook what you just said. Very well, I drop the terms for a Terran-exclusive ship. Honouring our fallen is a great enough task for your misguided kind. Let it be a sign of good will that we have dropped the original term. Inform your government of the new terms”
 - “Now where exactly is your Ryccian Empire? How did our Terran brethren end up there?”
 The Admiral was bewildered and confused. What is he talking about?
 - “Thank you. We shall send the terms shortly”
 - “Also, what in the stars are you talking about? Do you seriously do not know where the Ryccian Empire is? We never sanctioned colonists to this area in our history. Are you not one of those dissident escapees who fled Ryccian territory thousands of years ago? And why do you call Humans ‘Terran’?”
 - “Anyway, hand him a star-map”
 He looked at the star-map and pin-pointed the Star Kingdom’s location. He was baffled, he remembered a small section in a report from the Treecuu. He started to remember things about it.
 - “That malfunction of yours sure was something.”
 - “Since you have no idea what I am talking, let me give you a brief history of our star nation. We landed roughly 400 T-years ago on our capital world of Stoinia, from Terra itself. Though Terra would most likely be called Earth by your standards. Terra is the home world of Mankind or humanity as you would call it. Our journey had been longer than anticipated, we suspect it was due to some sort of anomaly. Ten years passed since we first set foot on Stoina and some marauding xenos invaded our planet and a cruel four year war followed with crimes against Mankind done by the Mardakii. Less than half of our initial population survived and we reformed from an oligarchy into a monarchy with the leader of our colonial program becoming the monarch. We started to claim new systems and stellar colonization began.”
 - “That peace would however be disrupted, roughly thirty years ago, by the Velutarians who killed our previous King, Alexandru III. A fourteen year long war was fought, because of our technological discrepancy we were forced to fight them on the ground. Reports showed that in a lot of instances the Velutarians used Stoinian POW’s as experiments. The Velutarian War costed us 3 trillion of our souls. So forgive us if we don’t seem keen with xenos. I’m sure all the graphic details were sent together with my first initial message.”
 - “Now if you still don’t understand our terminology. We both are Terrans or humans by species, but we are Stoinian by nationality. We call ourselves Terran since it has a connotation of pride and we have proven to be Terran above all else! We come directly from our homeworld and we sure as hell aren’t some refugees from you section of this sector. We never even reached that part of it.”
 After his monologue he began to smile.
 - “It’s good to see our kind has spread itself this well, it makes the survival of Mankind a lot easier. I hope my explanation was satisfactory. Perhaps you could enlighten us on the origins of the Ryccian “Humans”.”
No. That had to be impossible. What in the stars is Earth?
 - “We have never, ever heard of a planet called Earth. The planet where humans originate is Daonlathas, our capital. We also had a similar history. Humans lived in Daonlathas, but an ancient and now forgotten alien species enslaved humanity more than 6,000 years ago. After the first Emperor, whose name is now forgotten but is referred to as “Imperial”, freed humans from oppression and committed genocide against those aliens, the Ryccian Empire was founded. It was an ultramilitaristic, expansionist, totalitarian and humanocentric power, conquering all those who opposed it. However, as I mentioned previously, the Democratic Revolution occurred, thus transforming the Empire into a tolerant and multispecies democracy”
 - “I truly have no idea to what you refer to as ‘Earth’. Perhaps some ancient Ryccian colonists corrupted that word? I am clueless, High Admiral”
 The Ryccian really was getting on his nerves. How could they forget their origin? A kind who forgot their origin was no kind at all.
 - “Perhaps this discussion is best left for our archaeologists. It seems you have a gap in your history.”
 He let out a heavy sigh.
 - “Admiral, we have been distracted a bit. But since we have come to a compromise and I suspect your government will now accept the terms I have given. It is only a matter of time now.”
 He handed out his hand.
 - “At least tell me you haven’t forgotten to shake a fellow human’s hand. In name of the Stoinian Star Kingdom and its people, I welcome you, our lost brethren, in our realm. May you learn from today’s mistake and find common ground. Though our diplomats will be extatic when they hear about you, I suspect the King Himself will want to come visit you Ryccian Empire. Would this a wise choice given the current situation, Admiral?”
 The Admiral mistrusted Chekov. It was his fault his men died the way they did, but the Stoinians’ barbaric (i.e. non-democratic and xenophobic) attitude was appalling, to say the least. Moreover, Kavle actually came from the Wild North, one of the few regions in the Empire that saw handshakes negatively, both due to the mistrusting culture forged due to its pirate past and the phobia of spreading illnesses, which was a danger in its poverty-stricken past. Still, for the sake of diplomacy, he would. He shook the High Admiral’s hand.
 - “Perhaps our Emperor would be interested in meeting your King. However, for such a visit to be official, it would need to be discussed with the Government, and I fear that you may detest this idea, as both our Chancellor and our Foreign Minister are aliens”

Star Destroyer Sword of Justice
Communications Room

 Kaminoan Vice Admiral Gan Chiet began to explain what happened and relay the terms to the government in Kavle’s stead. The Vice Admiral had opened a link to Naval High Command, where Grand Admiral Rae Sloane was available to attend the matter.
 - “You did what?!” said a horrified Grand Admiral Rae Sloane.
 - “Grand Admiral, that is the tale. Admiral Kavle is currently talking with the enemy High Admiral. Please, send these terms to the government immediately”
 - “I’ll do you one better. You’ll speak to the Chancellor now”
 The Chancellor? Gan Chiet was high up in the chain of command, but he had never interacted with top civilian officials. He hoped to make a good impression.
 There he was, the fox-like Ferul Blesform in hologram.
 - “Your Excellency, it is an honour to be in your pres-”
 - “Spare me the pleasantries, Vice Admiral. This is a matter of urgency, so I request that you get to the point”
 - “Certainly, Your Excellency”
 Vice Admiral Gan Chiet sent him the terms. As the Chancellor read them, he sighed.
 - “…So our opposition in the Military Committee years ago was correct. The computer systems were faulty. Thank you, Vice Admiral Chiet. I shall see that these terms pass. We cannot have war with these barbarians, so, please, avoid antagonizing them any further”
 - “Yes, Your Excellency”
 As the two officials spoke in the meeting room, the Imperial Congress was already being assembled for an emergency session. They would debate and vote today, and then the Imperial Senate would do so tomorrow.
 Chekov’s stomach began to ache. Xenos were within the high tiers of the government? It truly began to baffle him more and more. Although the Star Kingdom had the Csin, they showed respect for Stoinian prowess. No Csin had achieved the rank of Chancellor or any major function within the government. Chekov pondered for a few seconds, it wouldn’t be long before they themselves would have a xeno within their government. Realising that Stoinians would have to face it too, he decided to be more diplomatic. He glanced at the table which he had damaged and then turned towards the Ryccian Admiral.
 - “Very well then. The King will take it into consideration. While I detest such foul ideas, the King may feel otherwise. He makes the final call ultimately. I will depart at once and inform the King about an official visit. I will leave one of our squadron lead by Commodore Szewe to keep an eye on you and await your government’s official response.”
 He nodded at the Ryccian Admiral and proceeded to leave the room. He glanced a final time at the Ryccian Admiral.
 - “Before I forget, send the bill for my damages to your table with your government’s answer. The government will pay the bill from my pension as compensation. May your government make the right choice. Farewell, Mr. Sanross. Let’s hope your retirement is less eventful.”
 Moments later the shuttle departed and returned to its ship. All but 34 ships left the system. They maintained their formation approximately a quarter AU from the Ryccian vessel awaiting their response.

Imperial Congress of the Ryccian Empire
Anobel, Ryccian Empire
Emergency Session

 The matter was of upmost importance. Many Congressmen, unable to attend in person, were actually being displayed in holograms, viewing the proceedings. The debate began.
 - “The Speaker recognizes Congressman Paul Lavenyonne of the Pacifist Coalition”
 Paul Lavenyonne was a native of the Two Frontiers world of Faldert. He was the only Human legislator from that region, as Two Frontiers is dominated by Vurbentans and Vonmisians, who have called that area home for thousands of years. His family, in comparison, had only migrated there 500 years ago. He was one of the examples of the effects of Ryccian Empire’s diversity and equality: he did not even speak English as his native tongue, but instead he spoke the local dialect of Vurbentan and, culturally, he was almost indistinguishable from the alien population, save for some Human aspects his family retained.
 This encounter had reminded him of what he would have been thousands of years before: a racist barbarian, completely unable to fit in with the world he was born in. The peace deal was a sure pass, but Paul took the time, as he was certain many legislators would anyway, to score political points.
 - “Thank you, Ms. Speaker”
 - “My fellow Ryccians, this incident has been an unfortunate blunder. Our brave Ryccians serving in our illustrious navy were forced into an international catastrophe by a computer error. We must answer for the accidents of our Ryccian Empire, and we shall do it, rightfully so. After all, I do not doubt that, even if the adversary was a barbarous rabble, every single Ryccian with a heart feels sorrow for the accidental and preventable deaths of the crew of the Stoinians’ Little Rascal”
 - “The Sword of Justice was a ship rushed into production for the sake of military pride. Those who authorized the Star Destroyer’s rapid construction must answer for their failure. The Resurgent line has proven its shortcomings. By building such a gargantuan vessel in such a short amount of time, we have allowed this to happen. I do wonder if the previous government would have been more cautious if they knew that we would clash with a foreign power? Our security threatened? I leave you with that thought to ponder”
 The Congressmen from National Voice and the Imperial Party were outraged. They booed Lavenyonne, as he was attacking their coalition government in the past.
 On the other hand, Congressmen from Paul’s governing party did cheer this statement. They were the opposition in that time, and they fiercely opposed the Resurgent line, as military spending would increase due to these enormous vessels.
 - “The Speaker recognizes Congresswoman Riked Nantek of National Voice”
 Riked Nantek was a Vonmisian from the Vonmisian Rim world of Keina. She was an influential member of the main opposition party, National Voice, in the Imperial Congress. Not only this was political, it was personal. She had a brother serving in the Sword of Justice as a Commander, and when she heard of the incident, Riked got nervous. Thankfully, he survived. The jab at her party’s military spending only made it worse, as her family, the Nantek, were a naval dynasty in their homeworld, providing the Empire with career officers for generations. She was personally furious, but to allow that to show would be counterproductive.
 - “Thank you, Ms. Speaker”
 - “Members of the Imperial Congress, and all those citizens watching us on the various Holovision networks, I salute you. I also salute our courageous Ryccian troops and officers of our grand Imperial Navy. You are one of our role models, keeping our country safe and prosperous. In addition, if the Stoinians are observing this, I speak for many in our nation that we apologize for the incident, and we stand with you in your grief of your brave warriors that had the unfortunate fate of falling in the Little Rascal”
 - “Our Star Destroyer, the Sword of Justice, fought valiantly, demonstrating its valour in defeating what it erroneously thought was a pirate ship. It was unfortunate, but our Imperial Navy showed its strength. Imagine if that was an actual enemy. The previous government was correct in keeping our country safe. No person is perfect, and no government shall ever be perfect. We may have been wrong on certain aspects, especially when our opponents were obstructing us at every turn when we proposed the necessity that was Resurgent line, but we knew what was the best for the country. And we still do. Our military needs sufficient funding to keep our Empire secure. This government keeps betraying the people by cutting military spending, cancelling projects we desperately require to modernize our armed forces so our troops can have the best gear to efficiently serve, protect and survive in the heat of battle, and introducing designs that are not needed. We need a stronger military, now more than ever. As we continue to meet other civilizations, our safety must be assured! Our light of liberty and equality must keep burning!”
  The National Voice and Imperial Party delegations cheered. Parties like the Pacifist Coalition began to scream “warmonger” and “reckless” at Riked. But she did not care. She smiled sarcastically at her opposition, looking at them with mocking eyes.
 - “Worry not, when our party returns into government, we will continue the work you have purposefully left unfinished!”
 - “Order! We shall have order! The debate must proceed!”
 - “The Speaker recognizes Congressman Louis Arzixite of the Imperial Party”
 Louis Virtus Honorius Arzixite Bluerose, Count of Dalphint, was a member of the Core nobility, and a staunch believer of an autocratic regime. Certainly not like the Old Empire, no. That era that ended a thousand years ago must never be repeated. This New Empire the Imperial Party proposed would fix the mistakes of its ideological predecesor and bring forth a just rule for all, human or alien. A New Empire, honouring the Ryccian Creed that promotes unity in diversity, whilst getting rid of that inefficient democracy.
 - “Thank you, Ms. Speaker”
 - “First of all, I must express my condolences for the people of the Stoinian Star Kingdom. Their warriors, albeit barbaric in nature, shall always be remembered in perpetuity for their courage and honourable defense of their nation. I must salute our fearless Ryccian Imperial Navy for their conduct in battle despite their circumstances. Your valour inspires us all”
v- “There can be only one conclusion that can be drawn from this incident: the inefficiencies of the democratic incompetence are showing, clearer than ever. Due to the disorder we permit to continue, our security was in jeopardy. It is all thanks to this chaotic system! These politicians are only looking after their interests, all in a vain and corrupt attempt to get re-elected. Our military, our brave Ryccians who serve to protect us, are continually hampered by the pugnacious treachery of the democratic system’s caducity, easily bent by these liars and tricksters! Traitors, the lot of you!”
 Virtually every party but the Imperial delegation began to heckle and scream at Louis. This was routine. The autocrats were always seen as a fringe in Ryccian politics. They always called the political establishment “traitors”, “liars”, “corrupt”, whatever you can imagine. It had grown old very fast years ago, but the autocrats always said what was on their minds: to them, the entire political establishment only divides the Empire and weakens it, thus making these democrats traitors.
 - “Oh, but it is certainly a fact now, one that you are unable to deny! Your pathetic incompetence almost led us to war against a foreign power! The light of liberty you so cherish and always defend…it could have been vanquished! You must admit that!”
 - “You only want to return to an era of brutality and barbarism!”
 That was a Velpan Congressman, Focanin Teupaifun. He was from the Pacifist Coalition. Many aliens saw the Imperial Party as absolute scum, as the scar of the Old Empire was eternally marked in Ryccia. A majority of the autocratic support came from Humans as a result, but their aformentioned majority has gotten smaller over the centuries, as some aliens are warming up to the possibility of this “New Empire”: an united, diverse and strong entity to bring order and prosperity to their country.
 - “The rotten state of this failed system is your cruel brutality being inflicted on the Ryccian people! We can never be safe with your constant and malignant failure and deceit! All you desire are soundbites for the media in order to fool the populace!”
 - “That is enough, the Honourable Congressman must continue! I call for order in the chamber!”
 The chamber took some time to quiet down. Louis then proceeded with his speech.
 - “The Old Empire, albeit it had severe flaws that we have corrected, would have never allowed this to happen. The constant political fighting and degeneracy has only hampered our people. Ryccia must be united! We call for unity in diversity! A New Empire, reforged and perfected from trial and error! Perhaps that shall keep us secure from the savages in our midst, and the savages in this chamber. Democracy failed us in the Rascal Incident, and it shall continue to betray us when an actual danger to our state emerges!”
 Again, every party disapproved of the Imperial delegation. And, like always, this outrage was routine.
 - “The Speaker recognizes Congresswoman Lixk Maikgran of the Freedom Party”
 Lixk Maikgran was a Vurbentan from the libertarian Freedom Party. She was from the heart of Vurbentan space, Vurbenta itself. Like Daonlathas, Vurbenta is an ecumenopolis as a result of being the core of the Vurbentan race, so she was not immensely surprised by Daonlathas. In fact, she found this world, Anobel, to be underwhelming.
 The Freedom Party was anti-military. They were even more pacifist than the Pacifist Coalition, as they considered that the Navy needed to be reduced, and that its main emphasis should be to defend Ryccia’s borders and nothing more. They were one of the most vocal adversaries of the Resurgent line, as they considered it to be an unnecessary excess of military might.
 - “Thank you, Ms. Speaker”
 - “Fellow Congressmen, we are united today in the sorrows of another. We have engaged in a brutal act of aggression against a barbarous nation. Despite their uncivilized system, their warriors fought valiantly. We, as the civilized people in this incident, must apologize for our error, and we shall”
 - “Now, who is truly to blame? The excesses of the Imperial Navy, caused in part by this very Congress, have been finally laid bare. Those who have provoked this irresponsible militarization must answer for not only endangering the Ryccian people, but killing innocent servicemen in a nation we have no interest in fighting! Why were we in peril of facing savages in the middle of nowhere? I shall tell you who”
 In a dramatic fashion, Lixk lifted her hand and pointed at the National Voice and Imperial delegations. Some laughed, others were angry. One objected. The National Voice Congressman Violeten Forverhar of the Eastern Region world of Vus. He was a Human.
 - "You only obstructed us at every turn! You are at fault!”
 - “Yes, you are! Why do we require such a large force with these technological terrors? The Resurgent line was always a futile endeavour that we opposed! I recall the National Voice spokesperson telling us that, when they return to power, they shall finish their work. Do not finish your disaster! Lift the burden on the people, cut the military taxes and bring forth the relief of security and their personal finances! Your greed has taken their money, and now, it has consumed savages! Their brethren could have attacked our planets and exterminate their populations!”
 - “I do presume everyone has watched the insulting videos these brutes have sent as intimidation. That is what they would have done to our non-Human subjects. To people like me. To people just like you. What uncivilized rabble would know of the Ryccian Creed if they do such cruel crimes of war? Answer for your deceit! You are the real traitors here!”
 Naturally, the National Voice and Imperial delegations objected to this statement. The heated debate would continue, but it was not focused on peace. The objective appeared to be to fight politically. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour, with only some isolated ultra-nationalist radicals countering to some or all of the terms. And with the political tit-for-tat, that was the end of it. Now, it passed to the Senate.

 Commodore Szewe sat on his Command Chair onboard the HMS Spear of Crustai. He looked calm over his mostly Csin crew, like most Csin he and his crew remained calm and calculative. Predicting what was to come. Their Terran counterparts however were visibly more stressed. Especially his Coms Officer, Lieutenant Milo Ladic. The Commodore stood up from his chair and stood behind the man.
 - “Lieutenant, are you feeling all right?”
 The Lieutenant was surprised by his CO coming to him, was it that obvious that he was nervous.
 - “Just the usual Sir.”
 - “Since when did your usual change then?”
 The Lieutenant looked confused at him, was this some sort of Csinhumour?
 - “Sir, I don’t quite …”
 His console started to beep.
 - “Incoming message from the Ryccian lead ship, Commodore. They have accepted our terms.”
 A sigh of relief could be heard from all the Terrans on the bridge, while being frowned upon by the Csin . Clearly there were some cultural differences which hadn’t yet gone away.
The Commodore put a comforting hand on the Lieutenant’s shoulder.
 - “Do not worry, Lieutenant. I suspected the Ryccians would agree to our terms. You and your Terran counterparts can rest at ease now. After you send them this message that is.”
 The Commodore sat back in his Command Chair and looked towards the monitor.
 - “Send them this message, full audio and visual: This is Commodore Szewe of the HMS Spear of Crustai. We have received your message loud and clear. You are free to return to your home and inform you superiors. Next time you visit us, warn us beforehand. In name of the Stoinian Star Kingdom, I wish you a safe journey home. Commodore Szewe out.”

Royal Palace,
Capital of the Stoinian Star Kingdom

 King Andrei had just received the message. He was pleased, the Kingdom could sleep at ease now. However he had called the Strategos, and the Chancellor together in his Royal Garden. Plans were to be made to strengthen the bond between them and their new Terran brethren. He had spoken with High Admiral Chekov on what he had learned about the Ryccians, even though his temper could even be felt all the way to the Stoinian Capital.
 - “Gentlemen I have brought you here today because I have need of your council. It deals with the newly found Ryccian Terrans or humans as they call themselves. I believe both of you have been briefed on the Rascal Incident?”
 Both of them nodded. The Strategos kept silent, but Chancellor Sheridan was clearly more vocal.
 - “What do You plan, Your Majesty?”
 - “Clearly we hold a deep pride that we are Terrans. We came from Terra in the hopes te preserve humanity by spreading into stars and release Mankind from the potential tyranny of one government. Proof that this has succeeded has just been found. Although the Treecuu have been quite the help with information about nearby star nations, I don’t think we could have expected this magnitude.
I intend to visit the Ryccian capital personally. Though I am not certain when.”
 The Strategos spoke.
 - “Sir, wouldn’t it be wiser to leave that part to the diplomats? I wouldn’t want to risk our monarch. They have proven to be quite hostile.”
 The Chancellor interjected.
 - “I agree in part, but line of succession is clear if His Majesty would insist on it. It would be truly marvellous to meet our Terran brethren. Besides, I believe the corporations would be more than eager to expand into the Ryccian Empire.”
 The King spoke again.
 - “I wouldn’t want this to be partly left into military hands as our current constitution decrees it. The military qualified for such ambassadorial duties are veterans from the Velutarian War. Take note of Chekov he became very hot tempered when he saw xenos serving alongside Terrans. That is why I want to go there myself. I don’t want to jeopardize our relations with our Terran brethren.”
 The Startegos nodded, but said a final word.
 - “I see, Sir, that you are quite the stubborn man. If we aren’t able to convince you otherwise, then I suggest you visit them in two T-months. It would have calmed down the turmoil the Rascal Incident could have created.”
 The Chancellor agreed with the Strategos.
 - “Good, we will send a diplomatic escort two weeks before my planned arrival to ask permission for such a visit. Thank you gentlemen, that would be all. Have a good night’s rest now.”
 The Chancellor nodded and the Strategos saluted. Afterwards they all headed to sleep for it had been quite a stressful day.