[1 BBT - ?] The Stoinian Congress

 The Stoinian Congress, the legislature of the Stoinian Star Kingdom is amongst the most respected institutions of the Star Kingdom. The lawmakers of the Star Kingdom sit in the capital of Sinaia in the Stoinian Congress. A unitary bicameral system consisting of the People’s Assembly (Lower House consisting of Representatives) and the Planetary Assembly (Upper House consisting of 2 Representative per planet; a Senator and a Viceroy). However times in the Star Kingdom have been changing, political turmoil is growing and the front of this turmoil is most commonly seen in the Stoinian Congress. In the midst of this turmoil there is one man determined to keep order, the Speaker of both bodies, High Sentinel Fergus McGregor. The Speaker also serves as the head of the Congressional Guard, a Guard dedicated to the protection of the civilian government. The High Sentinel also serves to break up the ties to counter government inefficiency and the most respected man in the whole Congress. The future of the nation might lie in the hands of this one man.

Stoinian Planetary Assembly, consisting of 1.714 seats.

 The King had just returned from Kontaurius and has enacted a law to be passed by Congress through the Royal Cabinet and the Chancellor. This law wasn’t about annexation, but to give the citizens of Kontauri equal rights to their new Terran Overlords. The People’s Assembly had passed the Kontauri Integration Act and now it was up to the Planetary Assembly to approve it as well. However, the opposition here would be greater and Lord Thorne, Viceroy of Tozoria and the leader of the Traditional Part for Colonial Empowerment was sure to make a scene here. High Sentinel Fergus McGregor would not allow this to happen however. The House’s reputation was fading and McGregor would uphold it to his best capabilities.

High Sentinel Fergus McGregor entering the Planetary Assembly.

 McGregor took his seat and hit the table with his hammer calling for order amongst the great mass he was facing.
 - “The House is in session. Gentlemen let’s keep this historic session civilized. The Kontauri Integration Act has been to vote. We will commence the debate. The house recognizes Senator Orlina Windland of Tuveon.”
 Orlina Windland was one of the Senators of the Progressive Xeno Party. Strong believers in social reforms and the duty of Terrans to help integrate xenos into the larger Star Kingdom, a rare opinion in the Star Kingdom. Tuveonwas a rural planet on the Northern Trade Route between Hyperion and Corillia. With recent contact with the Ryccians, Treecuu and Drakari they preached for open immigration. Orlina was rather young for a Senator and was seen as a naïve person by more senior members, but the PXP was determined to gain traction with younger voters. She stood up from her seat and began to talk into her microphone.
 - “Thank you High Sentinel. As you all know His Majesty, King Andrei, has recently annexed Kontaurius and its citizens through a Kontauri honour duel. Kontaurius is now part of the Star Kingdom and we must begin with the Kontauri Integration Act to make them valuable citizens of the Star Kingdom. It is time that the Star Kingdom follows the example set by the Ryccians and change…”
 Senators and Viceroys protested. The TPCE was already asking for her head and eventually Lord Thorne rose up from the crowd.
 - “The Ryccies are a bunch of spineless cowards. Why in God’s name shou…”
 McGregor used his hammer again.
 - “Gentlemen, let’s keep this civilized. If the Viceroy of Tozoria enjoys talking so much, the House will grant him the floor after Senator Windland has finished.”
 Members agreed that ousting the High Sentinel would be considered suicide. The man was too highly respected for that. When the Assembly calmed down she continued.
 - “The Star Kingdom should change in its approach towards xenos. Look at the Ryccians, they have a thriving economy because of it. We should adapt as well if we wish to survive the sector. Let’s not forget that the Integration Act doesn’t yet consists the right for Kontauri females to vote according to Kontauri society. This is part of a gradual progress and certainly not a xeno revolution as the right honourable Viceroy of Tozoria will say. Stoinian needs to change and what better way than to start with the Kontauri. Thank you High Sentinel, I yield the floor.”
 - “The House recognises Lord Thorne, Viceroy of Tozoria.”
 The fat Viceroy stood up with discomfort as he twirled his moustache. Many truly detested the Viceroy, he didn’t share the same views of fitness and discipline like the Stoinian norm. He also wasn’t afraid to criticize the King as he would now prove again.
 - “Gentlemen. My dear friends. We are Stoinians foremost and we do not grant rights to xenos!”
 His lackeys cheered him. His statement was false, but the Cheunh members kept silent, calculating their moves. They really saw no need in these sceneries in which the Tozorian Viceroy enjoyed so much.
 - “As much I appreciate the subjugation done by our King, it was unasked for. He went against Stoinian principles to leave primitives to their own. I was under the impression they should evolve on their own. If I am not mistaken, the Progressive Xeno Party is a strong proponent of those principles. As a result I will call this for what it truly is. A power play by the King. He is toying with his powers to annex primitives for his own pleasure. What is next? Open immigration with the Ryccians? Why not offer our liege to them while we’re at it?! The King must be held accountable for his actions! Truly I am beginning to question his sanity! I yield the floor.”
 The TPCE was applauding the Viceroy. Cries were heard all over the House. "King is a xeno lover! Tyrannical King!‘’ Even the Republicans joined in “Down with the monarchy!”. These words were never heard before in the House, it was unprecedented. McGregor again called for order in the House. He knew if this continued he would lose total control of the House. He recognized Lord Roger Winton, Viceroy of Elysium and lead of the Crown’s Guard. Loyalist to the Stoinian Crown.
 - “Gentlemen. Have we forgotten that we are talking about our King? King Andrei III? The Butcher of Velutaria?! His mere name strikes fear in the heart of xeno Ryccians and you call him a xeno lover? How low has this house become? Without the monarchy the Star Kingdom would have fallen long ago. We will not stand for these baseless accusations. Let’s not forget that it was the Kontauri that reached out for us and specifically the King. Reports state that the Kontauri even wiped out another species from their homeworld. Don’t you see that the Kontauri are a brave people worthy of inclusion in the Star Kingdom. They know the pain we had to endure and I believe they truly are worthy of the name Stoinian. Fierce warriors with undying loyalty. A trait for all species within the Star Kingdom. We have accepted the Cheunh as our brethren, now it is time to do the same with the Kontauri.”
 The PXP, centrists and Crown’s Guard applauded. Even the Libertarians joined in as well. Roger Winton has proven to be a uniting leader.
 - “The House recognizes Senator Ernesto Juba of Jurros.”
  Ernesto was part of the Democratic Freedom party. His party were the Republicans who pleaded more freedom for the people and limit the powers of the monarchy. His planet was located in the Rhodesia Sector on the Golden Triangle Trade Route and was a classic Frontier world. His planet was a staunch bastion for democratic reforms and he would show it to the House.
 - “My fellow Stoinians, I agree with this act. It is sound and a good gradual integration of the Kontauri. This doesn’t mean that the process is without flaws. How did it come to this? The King is abusing his political powers and should be held accountable. There is no precedence of the King annexing territories without the approval of the House. The constitution is nothing but an excuse for the King to play games none of us can. It is time the constitution is revisited and the people be handed the power. It is time for a Stoinian Republic! I yield the floor, High Sentinel.”
 The Republicans cheered while the Traditionalists called him a compromiser. High Sentinel McGregor began to grow tired to always call for order after every statement. A young Viceroy of the Crown’s Guard asked for the floor.
 - “The House recognizes Lord Bok De La Rey, Viceroy of Zoetleeuw.”
 Bok De La Rey was a young Viceroy. He was new to this whole thing and it would be the first time he would actually talk on the floor. He was nervous, but began to speak up.
 - “Members of the House. I think we forget that the Kontauri have an Emperor. They wouldn’t settle for a Stoinian Republic, they are too prideful as a society for that. They revere their Emperor as a demigod. I think it’s best we don’t initiate a Republic Revolution right now. What message would that send to the Treecuu and the Kontauri? That we change our society by a mere annexation of primitives? I doubt the Treecuu would appreciate such allies. For the interest for both internal and external affairs, it’s best this Act passes. We can’t show any sign of weakness to anyone. We should follow the example by our King and incorporate the Kontauri as valid citizens. I yield the floor, High Sentinel.”
 The Crown’s Guard applauded the young Viceroy’s words. It confirmed the worry of the opposition, the people still were behind the King. Well, this would have to be revised after the new elections…
 - “The House recognizes Senator William Talinn of Cornucopia.”
 William Talinn was from the Libertarian Trade Party, hard line capitalists who preached commerce as if it were a religion. His suit reflected the status of the planet he came from, a fancy modern business suit for the commerce of his planet, Cornucopia. The closest thing the Stoinians have to a complete ecumenopolis and the booming light of Stoinian commerce.
 - “I think the House is missing the point here I think. For that matter I think you all know what I am going to say now.”
  William Talinn smiled and the House laughed as well. Here comes the capitalist preaching again… McGregor thought to himself, though he had to admire their perseverance. On the other hand, many would come to agree with them as they had facts on their side.
 - “This is an exquisite business opportunity. Think of it this way. New labourers for our companies and believe me, once the Ryccians see that we are opening up to xenos, they will be more open to trade with us as well. This is a perfect PR stunt for our nation for them. They’ll see that we aren’t the barbarians their fanatic factions so vigorously preach. By the way, have you seen the clothes of the Kontauri? These are on par with our best artisans and certainly will fall to the taste of some Ryccians. I already see them adopting the hair crests as an extravaganza element in their fashion. Imagine that, Ryccians adopting Stoinian fashion! that would be the beginning of a new era of commerce with them. Believe me, gentlemen. More trade with the greatest economic power in the sector surely cannot harm our nation. On the contrary, I think it will helps us revive relations once they hear about the Great Hunt. That will certainly create uproar and we must have an ace up our sleeves. I strongly advise for this Act to be approved for further commercial prosperity of our nation. I yield the floor, High Sentinel.”
 This shifted the minds of many who had doubts to look favourably upon the Act. The speech of Talinn was cheered and applauded by many, even members of the TPCE. The session would take another hour as Lord Thorne propagated his Terrans First agenda and instigated uproars to McGregor’s disgust. At the end of the session, the Kontauri Integration Act would be approved by the Planetary Assembly. Male Kontauri were now full citizens and the next time they have a session, it will be with Kontauri representatives. Some were not as pleased as they wanted the Kontauri females to have rights as well, but this societal shift would be too great for the Kontauri. The situation on Kontaurius wasn’t as smooth as the public believed, scars from the ousted Kontauri Great Houses by King Andrei’s first decrees. With time however, the Star Kingdom would change and this was merely the beginning.