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Office of Federation Civil Defense - Endus Barrier Dam Collapse

For Emergencies: Dial 1112 or 111
Mental Health Hotline: Dial 1114.
For Mental Health Emergencies: DIAL 111.

Latest Updates:

  • Note: 24/7 search and rescue operations have been suspended as of 14:00, August 19. For emergencies please call 111 (National) or 1112 (Affected areas only).

The casualty count is still being assessed, but as of 14:00 reports indicate:

  • Confirmed Fatalities: 13,107

  • Injured: 37,018

  • Missing Persons: 752

  • Note: The Floodzone Recovery Administration (FRA) will assume primary control
    of all emergency responses, rescue efforts, and recovery programs on September 1. More information regarding changes to services or access to relief funds will become available as that date approaches.

August 19, 14:00

24/7 search and rescue operations have been suspended. Please contact the national emergency services centers at 111, or the emergency number for affected areas is 1112. FCD engineers, international partners, and volunteers from around the world continue to work tirelessly to clear roadways, and restore critical infrastructure.

August 18, 16:59

A majority of the floodwaters have receded, except in some of the Esseraki lowlands. Teams are working diligently to clear roadways and restore electricity to affected areas. Please do not attempt to return to your homes until the authorities confirm it is safe to do so. Many structures may be standing, but have suffered significant structural damage rendering them hazardous, local fire departments and FCD teams are working to assess these structures.

August 18, 09:43

The situation at the Endar Nuclear Power Station has been stabilized and experts state that there is no longer a risk of nuclear meltdown in Reactor A.

August 17, 09:20

In a joint press conference with international partners, Felip Xarpell provided an update on the situation, expressing cautious optimism about the progress made in stabilizing reactor A. He emphasized the complexity of the ongoing work and the continued need for collaboration and expertise from around the world.

August 17, 06:40

A multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals has been deployed to provide psychological support to affected individuals and communities. The stress and anxiety caused by the crisis can have long-term effects, and the Federation is committed to addressing the mental well-being of its citizens.

August 17, 04:15

Federation Civil Defense is working closely with environmental experts to monitor the impact of the crisis on air and water quality in the surrounding areas. Regular monitoring reports will be made available to the public, ensuring transparency and accountability in the response efforts.

August 17, 02:30

Emergency shelters have been expanded to accommodate an increasing number of displaced residents. Local communities and businesses are coming together to provide essential supplies, food, and shelter for those affected by the crisis.

August 16, 21:10

The Office of Federation Civil Defense has activated a volunteer registration system to facilitate the engagement of individuals willing to contribute to relief efforts. Volunteers with relevant skills, such as medical professionals, engineers, and logistics experts, are encouraged to register to support ongoing operations.

August 16, 16:20

International partners have begun providing additional assistance, including specialized equipment and expertise to bolster the ongoing efforts at the Endar Nuclear Power Station. Collaborative workshops are being conducted to exchange best practices and innovative solutions to the complex challenges posed by the situation.

August 16, 14:30

Emergency response teams have established a central command center to streamline communication and coordination among various agencies involved in the crisis response. This hub of operations will enhance efficiency in managing resources, sharing information, and addressing emerging challenges.

August 16, 12:00

Emergency response teams have established communication networks to keep residents informed in real-time. Regular updates are being provided through various channels, ensuring that accurate and timely information reaches the affected population. The collaborative spirit, both within Lutezzik and through international partnerships, continues to drive the response to the crisis at the Endar Nuclear Power Station.

August 16, 08:00

As dawn breaks, emergency response teams are redoubling their efforts to provide aid and support to affected areas. Medical personnel are stationed at key locations to provide care to injured individuals, and shelters are being set up to accommodate displaced residents. The cooperation between local authorities, international experts, and volunteers remains the cornerstone of relief operations.

August 16, 05:18

The ongoing efforts to stabilize Reactor A are yielding incremental progress. Engineers are working methodically to restore the compromised cooling systems and reduce the risk of a nuclear meltdown. At this crucial juncture, international support and expertise are proving invaluable in charting a path towards resolution.

August 16, 03:05

Felip Xarpell announced that an international task force of nuclear engineers, physicists, and experts has been established to offer real-time guidance. Virtual collaboration is now underway, with experts analyzing data and simulations to inform decision-making. This unified approach aims to expedite solutions while mitigating risks at the Endar Nuclear Power Station.

August 16, 01:03

Reports from the ground indicate that the flooding in the vicinity of the nuclear power station is posing unprecedented challenges. Specialized equipment and personnel with expertise in water management are being mobilized to navigate the flooded areas. Search and rescue operations remain ongoing, prioritizing the safety of residents and the containment of potential hazards.

August 15, 23:02

The Head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Felip Xarpell, stated, “We are confronting a critical situation at the Endar Nuclear Power Station. The safety measures implemented thus far have not yielded the desired results. We are collaborating with nuclear experts from around the world to assess the situation and develop a comprehensive plan to address this emergency.”

August 15, 20:40

We regret to inform you that the efforts to stabilize Reactor A at the Endar Nuclear Power Station have not been successful. The cooling systems continue to be compromised, raising concerns about the potential for a nuclear meltdown. Our teams are working in coordination with experts to explore all available options to mitigate this risk.

August 15, 19:07

We regret to inform you that the situation at the Endar Nuclear Power Station has continued to deteriorate. Despite our best efforts, the flooding has severely impacted the cooling systems of reactor A. Engineers are working tirelessly to stabilize the situation, but the risk of a nuclear meltdown remains a concern. We urge residents in the vicinity to remain vigilant and follow the latest updates and instructions from our emergency response teams.

August 15, 19:00

As night descends, our emergency response teams are facing ongoing challenges in their efforts to reach affected areas. Floodwaters are hampering access to some regions, making search and rescue operations more complex. Our teams are equipped with specialized equipment and are working diligently to navigate these difficult conditions.

August 15, 17:58

As we approach another evening, our teams remain dedicated to their mission of providing aid and relief to those affected by the dam collapse. The situation remains fluid, and our focus continues to be on search and rescue efforts, medical support, and ensuring the safety of all citizens. We appreciate the unity and solidarity displayed by the Lutezzik people during these trying times.

August 15, 13:03

In light of the potential nuclear risks at the Endar Nuclear Power Station, we are working closely with experts from the nuclear industry to address the challenges posed by the flooding. Our priority is the safety and well-being of both our citizens and the environment. We urge residents in the vicinity to remain vigilant and follow official instructions from our emergency response teams.

August 15, 11:22

Local authorities have issued an advisory to all residents in areas affected by the flooding, urging them to refrain from drinking tap water until further notice. Water purification facilities have been compromised due to flooding, and alternative sources of safe drinking water are being distributed to affected communities.

August 15, 10:10

Endar remains nearly completely submerged in nearly 14ft (4.3m). Engineers at the Endar Nuclear Power Station, are working to stabilize the cooling system to prevent overheating of reactor A. Flooding has disrupted the cooling systems, which could potentially lead to a failure in maintaining safe temperatures within the reactor. This can result in a nuclear meltdown, releasing harmful radioactive material into the environment. We are working tirelessly to avoid this.

August 15, 06:44

As dawn breaks, our teams continue to work around the clock to provide aid and support to affected communities. We are grateful for the cooperation and resilience of local residents, emergency services, and volunteers who are coming together to respond to this crisis. Our teams of environmental scientists are now focusing on assessing the environmental impact of the dam collapse and the flooding. We are coordinating with environmental agencies to ensure that measures are taken to minimize any potential long-term effects on the ecosystem. Water levels are gradually receding in some areas, allowing for safer access to affected regions further away from the dam. However, the situation remains challenging, and our emergency response efforts are ongoing. We appreciate the patience and understanding of all those affected.

August 15, 04:53

Search and rescue operations are in full swing in the affected areas. Our teams are working tirelessly to locate and assist individuals who may be trapped or stranded due to the flooding. Helicopter units have been deployed to reach inaccessible locations and provide aid.

August 14, 19:15

The Endus Barrier Dam in Ansson experienced a catastrophic collapse, leading to extensive casualties and damages. The collapse occurred following a missile attack launched by Yastead, resulting in a breach of the dam’s structure. The resulting floodwaters caused significant destruction along the surrounding areas, leading to loss of life, property damage, and infrastructural devastation. FCD units are continuing to respond but rapid floodwaters are making rescue
efforts perilous affairs.

August 14, 11:54

The flooding has caused severe infrastructure damage in Kaapopowa. Roads and bridges have been washed out, hindering access to some areas. Our engineering teams are collaborating with local agencies to assess the damage and initiate repair work as soon as conditions allow.

August 14, 11:42

Emergency shelters have been set up in Mglin Community Center and North Annsara High School to provide temporary refuge for displaced residents in Mglin. Our medical teams are on-site to provide medical assistance and support to those in need. We urge everyone to follow the instructions of local authorities and make their way to the designated shelters.

August 14, 11:40

Our teams have been working diligently since the dam collapse to assess the extent of the flooding and damage. Evacuation efforts are underway in Paulapalo and Endar as water levels continue to rise. Local authorities are coordinating with our emergency response teams to ensure the safety of residents.

August 14, 11:40

Emergency Response Hotline 1112 is available for those seeking assistance or information. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need of help or have questions about the situation. We’re here to support you 24/7.

August 14, 11:37

The Endus Barrier Dam has unfortunately collapsed, resulting in significant flooding and damage to surrounding areas. Our teams are working tirelessly to assess the situation, provide aid to affected communities, and manage the ongoing emergency response.

About the Incident:
The collapse of the Endus Barrier Dam caused a sudden release of water, leading to widespread flooding downstream. The situation is critical, and our primary focus is on ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals in the affected regions. Our teams are coordinating with local authorities, emergency services, and other relevant organizations to provide immediate relief and support.

Emergency Response:
Our dedicated teams are on the ground, engaged in search and rescue efforts, providing medical assistance, and assisting with evacuations. We are collaborating with allied forces, local communities, and international partners to effectively manage the crisis and provide the necessary resources to those in need.

Safety Information:

If you are in an affected area or at risk of flooding, please follow these safety guidelines:

  1. Evacuate to higher ground immediately if instructed to do so by authorities.
  2. AVOID walking or driving through flooded areas.
  3. Listen to emergency alerts and updates from local authorities.
  4. STAY AWAY from damaged structures and downed power lines.
  5. Follow instructions from emergency responders and officials.

Assistance and Support:
We understand the challenges faced by those affected by the dam collapse, and we are committed to providing aid and support. If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to local emergency services or use the provided contact information.

Emergency Contact:
For urgent assistance or information, please contact our Emergency Response Hotline at 1112. Our teams are available 24/7 to address your concerns and provide guidance.

Stay Informed:
We will continue to provide updates and information on this webpage as the situation unfolds. For real-time updates, please follow our official social media channels and local news outlets.

Donations and Volunteering:
If you wish to contribute to the relief efforts or volunteer your assistance, please visit our “Support and Donations” page for more information on how you can help. To learn more on how to volunteer, contact your local Senator’s or Ambassador Associate’s office.

Together, we can overcome this challenge and support one another during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the dam collapse.

To our international friends,

Your support has been both heartening and impactful. We express our gratitude to nations, leaders, and organizations that have extended a helping hand during this critical time. Your solidarity is a testament to the shared values that unite humanity.

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