Welcome Xari!

Hi, I’m Ariapolis01, you can call me xari!
I came here through Drew Durnil and some other friends
I want to cement my status as an important figure in TSP and hopefully make my way to be on the Coral Guard
I had a main acc many years ago (2017 i think) and I’ve recently come back with Ariapolis01



It’s LUI!

Great to see you hear ^^

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thanks! ive been trying to get on here for quite some time now, but there were a few verification code issues on the last website

i hope joining the actual website will be a step in the right direction for myself :slight_smile:

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It’s everyone’s favorite dictatorship, here to welcome you to the forums!

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Welcome on the new forum :slight_smile:

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Hi buddy

Hi :eyes:

Hi :melting_face: