Welcome TheLastHero!

  1. I was a member of TSP! I joined a few years back and was a bit on and off, but I want to get back into Nationstates :))

  2. As of right now, probably just hang out and talk in the discord until I get the hang of things again.

  3. I started playing I think in 2021. TSP was my first region!


Welcome back to the party, boss. It’s good to have you again.

We talked briefly on Discord about stuff to do, if you’re interested in something else, do ask! There’s a lot of welcoming people here who can point you in the right direction.



and I’m not one of them!

Welcome back to the South Pacific! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist with your reacquaintance with the region!

Welcome to the Forums! ^^



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