Welcome Taxes!

Hello everyone! I’m Josey, in charge of Doyceland. I just started playing NationStates today and was going through my inbox. I was tossing various messages when I saw this one and thought ‘Thats the one’. I’m really interested in this style of nation roleplay and didn’t know anything like this even existed. A few things I like to do include play video games (Namely Nintendo games), read Wikipedia, and play with the dog (a Boston terrier. Some things you might actually want to know about me are the following: I’m 20 years old, my time zone is US-CST and my pronouns are he/him . Anyways, I’m sure this will be real fun.

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Welcome to NationStates and the South Pacific!

Please take a lampshade and a glass of SPIT and have a good time!

Boo! We don’t want no taxes here!

Jokes aside, welcome! :smiley:

welcome aboard!

do we have a player who uses the screen name “death”? would be amusing to have the two of you match up.

Paying death tax…sounds so German, but I don’t think we have such one :pikathink:

Btw: Hi there! Nice having you here :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to greet you soon in our rp section of the forum or over on our TSPRP Discord server. Just take a look around, read along a little and whenever you feel ready, we’ll gladly greet you with open arms :slight_smile:

Hello Josey