Welcome Shibuya-Kanon!

Ah, hello everyone! I’m Koganei, though this wasn’t my first nation on NS (that honour goes to my main, Divine Spirit Mausoleum). While I’ve been on NS for nearly 10 years (got into it through the AltHistory Wikia (now rebranded as Fandom) community in 2013) and have created other nations since then; I’ve never interacted with the NS community at large (though I was active in the card market when it first started, and partook in the first two or so Z-days with my nations that were still behind in the Pacifics) until fairly recently this year.

I’ve known TSP (and other Pacifics) as one of the regions where nations get created, and while I moved out most of my nations from them, only Koganei and Shiga reside here in the TSP specifically. I’ve decided after looking around at other regions, to get involved with this community. Especially after hearing about a possible revival of TSP’s card program which I’d be interested in, as S3 really revived my interest in cards and NS at large after getting burnt out on S2 a few years ago. Aside from that, I’m also considering on later joining the defence forces of this region, as I’ve gotten interested in defending regions specifically. However, I do currently have my WA nation, Nijisanji-Nijigasaki, currently residing in a former notorious large region where both raiders and defenders have taken control over, which I decided to partake in independently from any organisation.

Aside from this, a little other things about myself: I’m a fan of Touhou, I enjoy anime (Love Live! being my fave of all time, specifically the later groups nowadays such as Liella and Nijigasaki), I like cars (but not SUVs), I enjoy listening to a wide range of music from games, to idols, to mashups and general meme/popular songs (except Rick Roll), and I enjoy playing video games. Also, I might not talk much (I’m still pretty shy/anxious both online and IRL), but I do lurk and read what others are saying…

That said, I look forward to partake in some events that this region is planning (such as the card program if its revived and later joining the defence forces down the line).

Hey! Good to see you! Welcome to the South Pacific forums!

As far as the Card Guild goes, I’d recommend talking to @Banexet or @USoVietnam, the driving force behind the program.

As far as our regional military goes, I’d recommend talking to @ConcreteSlab, our Minister of Defence!

Also, please do not be a stranger on the forums or Discord. We are more than happy to have you here and are ready to assist you with anything related to getting you integrated on the forums!

Again, welcome to the South Pacific forums!



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