Welcome Nunaqujjuk!

14 year old British high schooler, I like Drill music, I have had a rough life, my old region would not help me, so I moved here, excited to be a part of this historic region!

welcome! What do you mean by you had a rough life, and your old region wouldn’t help you?

Well, when I was 5, I had a new brother and sister, a year later, my mom’s boyfriend get caught cheating on her, and due to laws over here, her boyfriend took my brother and sister.
It did not affect for quite a few years, until recently and when I started using facebook more, I noticed my mom regularly posted photos of my brother and sister taken by mom’s ex boyfriend, making me feel lonely recently.

In primary school there was this kid who would beat me up everyday, the school did nothing, and It affects me to this day, thankfully all the other kids did help me.

There is a lot more I could talk about, but for now I will stop here, since it would be an entire essay otherwise.

I asked for advice as my school wants to move me to a special ed class, and I cant tolerate kids who are like that, basically getting angry easily and stuff, and watching baby shows and free time, the reason they wanna move me is cuz I misbehave a lot, even though I get all my work done on time and do it with a lot of effort, I said that I cant tolerate such kids since once I was with a support group on a 3 day trip, it was special ed kids, I fall under the category of “Special ed” since I have ADHD and Autism, although on a low level, my dad sent me on the residential trip, and the kids were mad at me for just looking at scary stuff on my phone and stuff, and they would cry and shout over little things, while yes I was a bit of a idiot to them lets say, my dad didn’t really care since he knows it annoys me (I actually have some secret recordings from that trip) not sure if the bumpy roads on the way back with the shaky bus helped the kids, I measured it, it was 100db the entire way back, for an hour, and I said these to my old region that I need advice on how to deal with it, and they muted me for being Albeist, while yes I am being Albeist, I cannot cope being with such kids.

welcome aboard!

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