Welcome Michu!

I’m a returning oldie because nostalgia is real. I first started my nationstate and with The South Pacific in 2003, but life got chaotic…like college, grad school, marriage and 3 kids chaotic.


Welcome back! :wink:

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Omg hello!!! Welcome back to the South Pacific!

I hope to hear from you about your times in NS and TSP from back then!

Welcome back to TSP! Some things might not be quite where you left them, but it’s still a fine lil’ place :slight_smile:

Welcome to the foums! It’s always nice to see a veteran with us!

Ah, good to see folks return. You predate me by a lot, but it’s always good to see people come home.

I returned, but then I mildly disappeared. But I’ll be infrequent again. My picture here and on my nationstate was my cat, Evie, who is no longer with us as of yesterday and my munchkins are still a bit too young to understand. She was a good kitty.


I’m sorry for your loss. May Evie rest in peace.

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Sorry to hear about this. :frowning:

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I’m so sorry to hear about that.

It’s always hard losing a member of your family. I’m sorry for your loss

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Sorry about your loss
Rest in Peace, Evie.

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