Welcome mangegneithe!

Hello! I am Aivintis, or A poisoned apple. Although my first nation was founded in TSP in 2018, I was never really involved in the region until around 2020 when I started exploring outside my home region of TEP to find a place for myself in NS and learn about what other parts of NS have to offer. My TSP nation is A poisoned apple, and it was in the WA for a time for a Delegate transition but my main is Aivintis, and now I’m WA locked there. I joined the Assembly last year and was kicked out due to inactivity but I may be interested in joining back again soon, I’m not sure. So yeah.


Hello! Glad to see that the intro wizard worked for you!

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you, thank you.

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Welcome back to the South Pacific!

We recently started a mentorship program for new nations to use to get settled in the region. If you would like, you can join the program by replying here!

Hey there! Welcome to the Forums.

Welcome back!

I wouldn’t bite

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