Welcome maluhia!


I’m The Lile Ulie Islands, a citizen of the South Pacific. I’m the current Minister of Culture, Ambassador to Lazarus, and a Legislator. You may also know me by the name, “maluhia.” For those wondering, “maluhia” means “peace” in Hawaiian!



@maluhia :surfing_man:

Welcome @maluhia!

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Hello @maluhia

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Hi! I came early; as you can see @Of_the_Ages

But you hacked it to make it say that /j


No, I didn’t. I’m in the Cabinet. I didn’t hack it.

@of the ages

You’re in the cabinets? Are you sentient dishware?

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I’m your Minister of Culture :slight_smile:

So the answer to the question is yes?

So you are administrate our culture? I’m afraid that culture isn’t something you can easily control. What even are your qualifications. I don’t think sentient dishware would make a very good autocrat

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I help plan events and coordinate roleplay, too.

That’s because you’ve never seen the Deep State.

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This is from two months ago.

Never too late to greet someone

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