Welcome jp_nsf!

Hi! my name is JP (my full name is too long so please call me by this initials), im the actual state representative of Terra Fluminium (By its full name, The Confederacy of Terra Fluminium).
I’m really new to this game, i started playing like 2 hours ago (and 1 hour was just me trying to decide the name of the country :sweat_smile: ).
I hope i can integrate into the community, meet nice people and have fun.

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Welcome to the community fellow new player :smiley:


Welcome to TSP! Let us know if you have any questions

Do you have a favorite milkshake?

I don’t tried a milkshake since is not very common where i live :sweat_smile:

Welcome to TSP! Why not have a glass of SPIT (South Pacifican Iced Tea) and enjoy our company for awhile? ^^
Hope you’ll have a great time here :slight_smile: