Welcome Hephaestus!

I am Hephaestus! (Dhemixia). I came here from the website because i thought that the SPSF was an important job that is better with more people. I also wanted to join the SPSF because i believe that helping other people and communities is more important than hurting them. I just started a week ago and dont fully understand some of the things in this, game? simulation? RP? whatever it is, but i want to start off on the right foot with all of you lovely people!

Welcome to the party, boss. @flowerpetal, @Webs, @HumanSanity, and @Pronoun can get you started on joining the SPSF.

thank you!

Yep! Just follow the steps here and mark down that you’re interested in the SPSF.


already done!

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