Welcome Funnyman!

Hello I am the Skinny Scandinavian Man and I am here to kick butt and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out gum

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Hello there Orcuo, don’t make it too chaotic here

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Boss music intensifies

Oh no!

Why Oh no?
he’s a nice guy

He kept trying to invade me XD. At least the forums and discord are pretty chill

He tries to invade everyone


You know what they say about annexing.

Many advantages come with annexing, money, food, land, oil, guns, but most importantly, women.

Hello Orcuo, you’d make a good addition here.

They’re apparently leaving the region if the elected LC is removed. I don’t think Orcuo is going to be here too long unfortunately…

We’ll see.

Probably wouldn’t be here for long if they remove democratically elected LCs

I honestly couldn’t care less though

Fair enough, I’m not particularly liked around TSP,

Maybe not, but you made things interesting. That’s all anyone can ever hope to do

Welcome to the forums!

It is my hope that your fresh perspective will lead to positive and productive discourse in the region!

Please take a lampshade and a glass of SPIT!

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Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you all