Welcome Caca!

I have been supreme leader of Cacatuoidea for about 2 weeks over a year.
Australian. Likes environment. Enjoys making art. Somehow a progressive with an interest in the military.

I probably won’t say much here, but I’m active on discord (Venatrix).

I have a 20 year plan for global domination, but I keep procrastinating. I rebel against society as it’s imperfect and I am perfection.
I’m very serious you must take everything I say seriously, if you don’t I’ll throw crayons at you and spray paint your airforce pink >:D

Scary :-;

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I may paint the ships pink anyway, I think they’d look pretty.
I’ll save the crayons for later.

Edit: ok the planes are ships now.
(Insert Flying Aircraft carrier)

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Well hello there,

if you ever decide to say something here, maybe in our rp-section, be our guest :wink:

Apart from that: Can I also ask for other colours to be spraypainted onto planes or ships? Maybe purple instead of pink or a peachy orange?

I have all the colours of the rainbow!

And yes, I’m looking to engage more.

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