Welcome AT_Walker!

Hello! I am new to NS and heard about it from a friend. He was just into the government role play in his own nation, but i want to do something more. He told me you guys were the place to go if i wanted to get involved in a good community. I am looking forward to learning what NS is all about.

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You’re going to love it here.

Welcome to the South Pacific!

I would agree with your friend and say that we have a great community here!

Have a glass of SPIT and a lampshade, and let’s get started.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you while you get settled.

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Yes, i need some help filling out the SF application. On part four i cant seem to scroll down far enough to fill out the time availability form.

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@ConcreteSlab Could probably take your application directly if you are having issues!

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For sure. The form is broken right now, so just dm me the information :smiley:

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