Weisserstein-Sugovia Friendship Accords

The Weisserstein-Sugovia Friendship Accords (shortened to WeSFA), sometimes referred as the Kaiserslicht-Riverion Pact, the Marianna Pact, or the Double Alliance, is an economic, political, and military bilateral alliance and/or agreement between Weisserstein and Sugovia which began in 1964 with the signing of the Marianna Accords in Marianna, Sunland, Sugovia.

The goal of WeSFA is to strengthen Weisserstein-Sugovia relations, coordinating political and international standing on important issues, improving and developing the economies of both nations, building up a sustainable economy between both nations, protecting the sovereignty of both nations against foreign threats, among others.

OOC stuff

This thread will be used by both me and @Sugovia to store WeSFA related topics, things we would do here for now have included telling the brief history of WeSFA and perhaps roleplaying the formation and other important events as well.

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