Webs (The Web of Life and Destiny)

Webs’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation The Web of Life and Destiny
Main Nation The Web of Life and Destiny
WA Nation The Web of Life and Destiny
Discord Webs#4290
Other Involvement
Ughhhhhhhhhh. Am I allowed to not do this?

Kidding okay Aramantha, Soup, Pasta, Kader(Shan), Ellie, and these days I go by Webs.

Forgot it’s nations that’s the hard one mb :sweat_smile: |
| Other Regions: |
| Not anymore!

I am the former delegate of TGW, former Osho of Karma, former officer in Refugia, and former idk some position in TBH. It has been way too long. |
| Bans: |
| I have been banned from that one creepy conservative religious region that was pissed at me. A true loss.

Nothin else. |

This application has been received and is now pending review by the Legislator Committee!

Your application has been accepted! Welcome to the Assembly!